6 Reasons Your Restaurant or Retail Store Needs Cloud Video Surveillance

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Restaurants and retail stores face similar security challenges, from employee safety to accidents, missing item claims and theft. Security for both is of paramount importance, not only for ensuring employees’ and customers’ safety, but also for protection of valuable assets. Whether you are a business owner or a security professional whose customers own a restaurant or a retail business, cloud video surveillance will help overcome most of those challenges. 

Read on to learn how to best utilize cloud video surveillance for cloud video surveillance for restaurants and retail


Restaurant & retail security challenges and how to overcome them with cloud video surveillance

Cloud surveillance not only provides peace of mind that the site is safe and secure, it also improves employee training, provides video evidence to identify theft or protect against shrinkage and/or fraudulent claims.

With 24/7 access to your cameras’ live streams, easy video playback, and motion alerts when something happens, all available on a smartphone – you are able to keep an eye on your business from anywhere and at any time.


Managing multiple locations and users

Many quick service restaurants and retail stores are likely to have either multiple locations and/or multiple users who need different levels of permission access. Managing that can be quite tricky with traditional CCTV systems. 

However, a cloud based video surveillance system overcomes that problem. It enables remote video access to camera feeds from multiple locations, enabling you to keep an eye on all branches from one device. Footage is accessible from anywhere and on any device: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

In addition, some cloud video surveillance providers also offer configurable multi-user permissions. For example, with Videoloft, instead of having to physically access a local recorder to give others video access, you can easily add new users when needed. You can also assign view-only, read-only or full admin access to all or specific cameras.




Protecting against shrinkage and/or fraudulent claims

One area of security that is often overlooked is shrinkage protection.

Shrinkage (or inventory loss) is most often caused by employee theft, giving you even more reason to protect yourself against possible shortcomings in any area of your business. 

The first line of defense should be based on pre-employment checks that include reference calls and previous convictions, if applicable. Interviews with current employees can also verify their behavior within your business. 

However, not all shrinkage is internally caused. There is also potential theft by customers and intruders to bear in mind. 

In order to mitigate the problems associated with shrinkage, most businesses implement systems that ensure loss is closely monitored and managed.

As technology advances, cloud video surveillance has grown to become one of the most effective tools for theft prevention and detecting irregular situations in business. Video surveillance keeps track of both employee and customer activities. 

It plays an important role in identifying what exactly happened and where it took place. That way the management team knows how best to prevent similar incidents from taking place in the future and have the evidence they need to prove what happened if it is disputed. Cloud video surveillance also makes it far easier to download and share relevant footage compared to traditional CCTV systems – it is only a click away.

In addition to round-the-clock monitoring, Videoloft’s solution also records all motion events and saves them to the cloud. You can store the video from anywhere between 7 days up to 3+ years, depending on your requirements.


Protecting against missing item claims

One of the biggest threats facing restaurants and takeaways is missing item claims. Missing items not only affect customer satisfaction but they also have an impact on your bottom line. The Videoloft Order Cam captures a photo of each order and receipt prior to being sent out, this image is sent to the Videoloft cloud, where text recognition technology reads the receipt number. If a customer complains about missing items, the evidence is readily available to validate their claim.


Benefits of cloud video surveillance for restaurants & retail security


Secure & encrypted offsite backup

Unlike traditional CCTV systems, cloud video surveillance systems aren’t vulnerable to theft or damage in your restaurant or retail store. Using a cloud CCTV system ensures footage is always there when you need it.

Videoloft sends all video to the cloud over encrypted TLS (HTTPS) channels and saves it using 256-bit encryption. This means all video is safe, even if the recorder malfunctions, is stolen or damaged.


Scalable & flexible

Cloud video surveillance systems are much more flexible than traditional systems. Users can easily change storage retention periods, with options ranging from 7 days to up to a year (or longer). It is equally as easy to add or remove cameras.

In addition, cloud based systems don’t require extensive on-premise equipment. This makes them inherently more scalable with no need for complex on site installations.


Minimizing system downtime

Recorders can go down with no one realizing. Most people are likely to not even realize that their recorders are no longer working until they need the footage

In case of system downtime, most people are likely to not even realize the system isn’t recording. Once they do, the security professional will require physical access to the local recorder to establish the issue.

Some cloud video surveillance providers offer system health monitoring. For example, Videoloft will continually monitor cameras’ health, and spot any potential problems in real-time. In addition, it will notify you if your cameras stop recording, minimizing your system downtime and improving overall security.


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