7 Reasons Why Security Cameras Need Cloud Backup

Security Camera Cloud Backup


CCTV footage stored on an DVR/NVR will always be there when you need it, right?  We are going to cover 7 common reasons why that may not be the case and how cloud backup can protect you and your customers from lost footage. 

If your customer wants to install CCTV they probably want to monitor and view something that is important. You may have set them up with a camera that stores footage on their NVR/DVR so they can view it retrospectively. Let’s say that something bad happens (we hope not!). But, even worse, the recorder doesn’t have the footage required. Why might that be?



Here are 7 Reasons Security Cameras Need Cloud Backup:

1. Local recorders are vulnerable to damage – The incidents your customers most want to record are often the same incidents where local recorders are destroyed. For example, if there’s a fire or flood that destroys what your customer is monitoring it will likely destroy their local recorder too. This would likely result in them losing all their very valuable footage! Cloud backup / storage removes that physical vulnerability that is risked by relying solely on a physical onsite recorder.


2. Local recorders are vulnerable to vandalism and theft – Someone destroys the recorder on purpose. Someone committing wrongdoing (like a burglar) spots the CCTV cameras and decides to smash the recorder up. By losing that footage vital evidence of the event may be lost. This could make an insurance claim more complex and make it less likely that the perpetrator is caught. Protect your customers from someone purposely trying to destroy footage by adding cloud backup. It removes their ability to physically destroy the recording which is  instead remote and cloud-based.


3. Limited storage space – Recorders can only store a limited amount and your customers may want more storage than they allow. However, cloud backup allows for as much capacity as you possibly could ever need!


4. Footage can be overwritten – Recorders often overwrite automatically when they run out of storage, and often this happens unknowingly to the user! By connecting CCTV with Videoloft software, you can choose to record only when there is movement. Thereby helping to use storage only for important events. Also, it is easy to control your with Videoloft’s range of flexible storage plans.


5. Recorders are prone to mechanical faults – Recorders can go down with no one realising. DVRs/NVRs can have mechanical faults which can cause them to stop recording. Most people are likely to not even realise that their recorders are no longer working until they need the footage! Cloud backup is less likely to malfunction in this way. Moreover, if you use Videoloft, its comes with a live camera health monitoring tool and will send an alert within minutes in the unlikely event your footage does stop recording.


6. Footage is inaccessible at times – You may not have access to the footage from your DVR/NVR when you really need it. For example, you may need the footage instantly but it can take time to travel to the location of the recorder in order to view it. By storing footage on the cloud you have access to the footage at any time and in any place (provided you have internet connection).


7. Legal / Organisational requirements – Some industry sectors are covered by regulatory requirements to store footage offsite. Even if organisations aren’t legally required to store footage offsite, they may still want to store it in the cloud. For example, your customer may want to protect against the risk of liability claims that can happen many months after the incident, in which case a local recorder has likely long overwritten the footage.



How you can Get Cloud Backup for your CCTV System?

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If your customers have got CCTV, they probably want to have the footage whenever they need it, so it is best to get cloud backup! Find out about how cloud based CCTV works and how you can start offering it to your customers.

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