7 Reasons Why Security Cameras Need Cloud Backup

Security Camera Cloud Backup


CCTV footage stored on an DVR/NVR will always be there when you need it, right?  We’re going to cover 7 common reasons why that’s not always the case and how adding cloud backup can protect you and your customers from lost footage. 


Here are 7 Reasons Security Cameras Need Cloud Backup:

1. Local recorders are vulnerable to damage – The incidents most businesses want to capture on CCTV are often the same incidents where local recorders are destroyed. For example, if there’s a fire or flood that destroys what your business is monitoring it will likely destroy your local recorder too. Cloud backup / storage removes that physical vulnerability that is risked by relying solely on a physical onsite recorder.


2. Local recorders are vulnerable to vandalism and theft – Many professional thieves will destroy or steal an onsite NVR or DVR as they’re aware that the footage stored on it could be used to help apprehend them. If a local recorder is damaged or stolen and you lose valuable footage of a crime taking place this could make an insurance claim more complex. Adding cloud-backup provides peace of mind that if your recorder was to be stolen or damaged your footage will still be accessible.


3. Limited storage space – Recorders can only store a limited amount and you may need more storage than what’s possible. With cloud you can backup as much footage as you require.


4. Footage can be overwritten – Recorders often overwrite automatically when they run out of storage, and this usually happens without the users knowledge. By connecting CCTV with Videoloft software, you can choose to record only when there is movement – maximising your efficiency of your storage space.


5. Recorders are prone to mechanical faults – DVRs/NVRs can have mechanical faults which mean they can stop recording, often people aren’t alerted to a fault and are only made aware when they need to retrieve footage and find that it’s not there. Cloud software is less likely to suffer from faults, as software developers regularly push updates and fixes. Videoloft comes with a live camera health monitoring tool and will send an alert within minutes in the unlikely event your footage does stop recording.


6. Footage is inaccessible at times – You may not have access to the footage from your DVR/NVR when you really need it. For example, you may need some footage instantly but you’re no where near the location that the recorder is held. Storing footage on the cloud means you have access to the footage at anytime, anywhere.


7. Legal / Organisational requirements – Some industry sectors are governed by regulatory requirements that stipulate they must store footage offsite. Cloud backs up your footage offsite, safely and securely so it’s there whenever you need it. 


How you can get cloud backup for your CCTV system?

For more information on backing up an NVR or DVR to the cloud check out our YouTube video

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