Cloud video surveillance

Enterprise multi-site video monitoring

Elevate your security with powerful cloud video surveillance designed for multi-site organizations.

  • Unlimited sites, cameras and users
  • Secure, offsite cloud backup
  • Broad compatibility
  • Simple, reliable and affordable

Cloud video surveillance

Enterprise multi-site video monitoring

Elevate your security with powerful cloud video surveillance designed for multi-site organizations.

  • Unlimited sites, cameras and users
  • Secure, offsite cloud backup
  • Broad compatibility with existing security systems
  • Simple, reliable and affordable

Say hello to the Cloud Adapter Enterprise

Adds sophisticated cloud VMS features to legacy and new security systems.

Cloud Adapter Enterprise

A feature rich, cloud video surveillance solution

Videoloft is a cloud video surveillance platform that offers a simple, secure and affordable way to add cloud storage to compatible CCTV systems. The Videoloft app and web viewer allows users to effortlessly retrieve, replay, share and download recordings, and view camera live feeds through a single login.

Centralized viewing

Centralized viewing

View live and recorded video from unlimited sites and cameras, via mobile app or web-based VMS.

Remote access

Remote control

Adjust recording settings and schedules remotely. Control PTZ cameras and use 2-way audio with compatible cameras.

live camera health monitoring

Health monitoring

Receive alerts when cameras aren’t recording. Health dashboard with performance metrics and troubleshooting tips coming soon!

Easy set up

Compatible with leading camera and recorder brands. Connect the Cloud Adapter to the camera network then install remotely in minutes.

Multi user permissions

Multiple users

Add unlimited users at no extra cost. Set permission and camera access levels.

cctv analytics


Make your CCTV system even smarter with analytics.

Real-time alerts

Receive alerts for motion, person, or vehicle detection. Set alerting schedules to suit you.

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Reasons customers choose Videoloft

Centralizes all your CCTV systems, making it easy to retrieve video evidence from multiple locations.

Receive real-time alerts for incidents and watch live camera feeds to monitor events as they happen.

Unlike other systems, Videoloft doesn’t require port-forwarding, making it ideal for locations with 4G/5G networks.

Store video footage for up to 10 years, providing businesses with extended storage for slip and fall claims.

Ensure your footage is always backed up to the cloud, protecting against recorder malfunction, damage, or theft.

Streamline operations by accessing all footage from a central location, used by LP teams across multiple industries.

Trusted by thousands of organizations globally

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Centralizing legacy surveillance systems for USA Storage Centers

"Videoloft’s solution enabled us to utilize our legacy camera systems; this cost-effective approach meant we could use our existing hardware while upgrading our surveillance capabilities."
Director of Transitions and Technology
USA Storage Centers

A feature-rich cloud video surveillance platform

Unlock the power of cloud

Flexible pricing

Flexible cloud plans

You’re in control. Decide which cameras to record to the cloud, how long to save the video, their recording mode and resolution.

Continuous improvements

Continuous improvements

We are dedicated to continuous improvement, regularly updating our software with innovative features.

Straightforward pricing

Straightfoward pricing

Only pay for the camera or recorder licenses you need.

No charge for additional users.

Upgrade new and legacy systems with Videoloft

NVR Cloud Backup

Add offsite cloud backup to your NVR ... or replace it completely

Whether you’re looking to replace your NVR and record straight to the cloud, or add cloud backup to your NVR or DVR, we can help!

Videoloft removes the need for a local recorder – simplifying the installation, saving space on-site and removing the risk of your recorder being damaged or tampered with.

Alternatively, you may still want to keep your NVR/DVR and back-up your recorder to the cloud. It takes minutes to set up – all you need to do is connect your Videoloft Cloud Adapter to the same network as your recorder or camera.

Whatever you need, we've got you covered

Free Proof of Concept

Assess the value Videoloft brings to your business without committing to a full implementation upfront. It’s a risk-free way to explore the benefits.


If you need assistance setting up Videoloft we have different packages available, tailored to your needs. Contact us directly for more information.

Ongoing training

We're here to help! Our specialist onboarding team offers continuous training and support to help you fully leverage the advantages of Videoloft.

Cloud video surveillance FAQs

What is cloud video surveillance?

Cloud video surveillance is when your security footage is uploaded to a remote server via the internet, rather than stored on a local device – such as an NVR, DVR or NAS drive.


With cloud video surveillance your security videos are stored in the cloud, which removes the need for local storage. This reduces the risk of your footage being deleted, or tampered with and means it’s easier to scale – because you can increase and decrease the storage capacity as you choose.


By shifting some or all of your video surveillance to the cloud, you can benefit from increased accessibility and scalability, whilst reducing the risk of your video footage being lost or tampered with.

Can CCTV be stored in the cloud?

Yes, CCTV can be stored in the cloud. Increasingly, organizations worldwide are reducing their reliance on local storage, and switching to cloud. There are several options when it comes to cloud video surveillance storage – you can rip out and replace your existing security system with specialised cloud cameras, or you can reduce costs and use what you already have by adding cloud to your existing security system.

How do I connect my CCTV to the cloud?

If you want to connect your existing CCTV system to the cloud you first need to find a provider that is compatible with your brand of security cameras. Videoloft is an open-source cloud platform that is compatible with hundreds of brands of security systems including Hikvision, Dahua, Reolink, Axis and many more.


To connect to the Videoloft cloud you’ll need a Cloud Adapter, this is a small device that will connect your security system to the cloud. The Cloud Adapter needs to be connected to the same network as your cameras and it takes just minutes to set up, with installation simply being, ‘plug and play’ – you can check out our cloud installation guides here.


Once you’re connected you’ll be able to view your cameras remotely, via the Videoloft website or mobile apps.

What are the different types of cloud video surveillance?

When it comes to cloud video surveillance you have several options depending on your specific needs.


The first option involves ditching your local storage entirely and sending all your footage direct to the cloud. This approach provides the benefits of remote accessibility, and reduced dependence on on-premises infrastructure.


Alternatively a hybrid approach could also be an option, a hybrid cloud storage solution will allow organizations to keep their local storage and use the cloud as a backup. This approach combines the reliability of local storage, with the added security and peace of mind of cloud storage.


Finally, many organizations choose to only back up critical cameras to the cloud, whilst maintaining their local NVR or DVR for the non-critical ones. This approach allows for efficient resource allocation, ensuring essential footage is safely backed up in the cloud and accessible anytime, anywhere.


The versatility of these options allows organizations to tailor their cloud video surveillance strategy to align with their specific security goals.

How secure is cloud CCTV?

A common concern about storing video in the cloud is that it isn’t secure, but actually cloud based CCTV is inherently more secure than local storage.

One of the main reasons people look for a cloud based solution is because they’ve been let down by their local storage, either by tampering, theft, fire or flood. Not only are local recorders vulnerable to damage and theft, they also need regular firmware updates and without them, they can be insecure.

So, in terms of security, what are the benefits of using Videoloft as your cloud video surveillance provider?

  • Videoloft is powered by a small bridging device known as a Cloud Adapter. The NDAA compliant Cloud Adapters are assembled in the UK and add a software interface between the local cameras/recorders and the internet.
  • We push software updates to every Videoloft Cloud Adapter on a weekly basis, so you don’t need to worry about updating them yourself.
  • They can be installed remotely, and no port forwarding is required.
  • All video is transmitted to the Videoloft cloud over encrypted HTTPS channels, it’s then stored in the cloud using 256-bit encryption. When someone views the video, it’s sent to the viewing device again over encrypted HTTPS (the same technology used in internet banking!)
  • Videoloft footage is hosted on AWS – trusted by thousands of major global brands. They maintain stringent security standards including ISO27001 and SOC 2.

How many cameras can connect to the cloud at once?

There’s no limit on the number of cameras or recorders you can connect to the Videoloft cloud. Whether you have a few cameras, or a few thousand cameras – we’ve got you covered!

How does the Cloud Adapter Enterprise differ from the Cloud Adapter 8 and 16?

The Cloud Adapter Enterprise has been designed specially for organizations with a larger number of cameras.

It has dual network capabilities, which means your cameras can be isolated from the wider internet.

It supports up to 32 or 64 camera and recorder channels – with larger capacity coming soon!

It comes equipped with 1TB SSD storage, and stores the video locally if your network connection is lost.

Just like it’s smaller counterparts the Cloud Adapter Enterprise can be installed in just 5 minutes. Not only this, it’s rack mounted for easy installation into server cabinets.

For all the details check out our Cloud Adapter Enterprise page.

My DVR doesn’t support cloud storage, will it still work with Videoloft?

Provided the DVR is one of our compatible brands then yes, it will still work with Videoloft. In fact, many customers use Videoloft to upgrade their older DVR-based systems at a fraction of the cost it would be to rip out and replace it.

Does Videoloft work over 4G?

At Videoloft we understand that many sites may not have the infrastructure to support an internet connection.

With other systems it can be difficult to run cameras off cellular networks because port forwarding is needed. Videoloft doesn’t require port forwarding so can run reliably on cellular networks. Provided the Cloud Adapter is connected to a router with an ethernet cable, you can run your cameras on a 4G/5G modem or router and record directly to the cloud. Videoloft also has network outage protection – so if the network fails, video is stored locally on the Cloud Adapter and uploaded to the cloud once network is restored.

Does Videoloft support DVR, XVR and NVR systems?

Yes, as well as being able to connect IP cameras directly to the cloud, with Videoloft you can also add cloud storage to your local DVR, XVR and NVR systems, provided they’re compatible. This offers the benefits of improved accessibility, remote monitoring and secure storage for a more comprehensive surveillance solution.

If I’m running an 8MP camera, and only want the cloud to store video in 4MP - is that possible?

Yes, many customers choose to use an 8MP camera but store footage in the cloud at a lower resolution. This popular choice reduces your cloud storage cost and your bandwidth needs.

Can I use the Cloud Adapter to upload video to a cloud service of my choice?

No, our Cloud Adapter will only upload video to the Videoloft Cloud.

Do you charge based on storage capacity?

We try to keep our pricing structure as straightforward and simple as possible – it is based on the retention period, rather than the storage capacity. You’re charged according to how long you want to keep your video surveillance footage in the cloud, plans range from as little as 2 days to as 5+ years. This approach offers flexibility and allows you to tailor your storage needs to your specific requirements. Not only this, we have found that some industries have to store footage for a set period of time to meet legal or regulatory requirements, by offering cloud storage based on a retention period we’re able to meet these needs.

Is Videoloft a subscription based service?

Yes, Videoloft operates on a subscription basis, where users are billed either monthly or annually. The subscription fee is determined by factors such as the number of cameras, recording resolution and retention period for cloud storage. With Videoloft, you have the flexibility to decide which cameras to record to the cloud, along with options for their recording mode and resolution. This puts you in control of your surveillance preferences. As well as cloud storage, the Videoloft subscription fee also includes access to all the features of our cloud Video Management System – from multi user permissions, centralized access, remote accessibility and much more.

Can I use Videoloft as a hybrid cloud storage solution?

Yes, many customers use Videoloft as a hybrid cloud storage solution by adding cloud backup to their local, onsite recorder. 

For full compatibility please click here.

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