Cloud backup for your NVR or DVR

Videoloft is a cloud video surveillance platform that is compatible with hundreds of recorder brands.

Cloud backup for your NVR or DVR

Videoloft is a cloud video surveillance platform that is compatible with hundreds of recorder brands.

Keep your CCTV footage safe - add cloud backup

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NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are used for video surveillance and recording in security systems.

If you’ve ever lost crucial video surveillance footage before you’ll know how important it is to backup your onsite recorder. Videoloft adds cloud backup to NVRs and DVRs and is compatible with leading CCTV manufacturers including Hikvision, Dahua, Lorex and more.

Furthermore, if you have IP cameras you can bypass your local recorder completely and send your footage straight to the cloud.

Protect and secure your video surveillance footage

With Videoloft you can choose to remove your NVR completely, or add cloud back-up.

Option 1: Remove your NVR completely

Record from your IP cameras straight to the Videoloft cloud and remove your NVR completely.

Simplify the installation, save space onsite and remove the risk of recorder theft or failure.

Option 2: Add cloud backup

You may still want to keep your local storage and use the cloud alongside your NVR or DVR, ensuring your have both local and offsite access.

Videoloft allows you to add cloud backup to any compatible recorder.

Add cloud backup to your NVR

How to backup an NVR or DVR to the cloud


All you need to backup your local NVR or DVR to the cloud is a Videoloft Cloud Adapter. No bigger than a mobile phone, the Cloud Adapter acts as a bridge between your security system and the cloud and it’s so easy to set up…

  • Download the Videoloft app or open up the website.
  • Choose ‘install’ and enter the Cloud ID (found on your Cloud Adapter)
  • Videoloft scans the same local network as the Cloud Adapter to find the NVR/DVR
  • Enter the NVR/DVR password and press install
  • Your Cloud Adapter is connected and your footage will be sent to the cloud.

It’s as simple as that, in just a few minutes your recorder is backed up and you’re able to view your camera live streams and recorded footage using the Videoloft mobile app, or web viewer.

Your disaster recovery solution

Reduce risk of lost footage

Add cloud back-up to your NVR & reduce the risk of lost footage.

24/7 access to your recordings

Access your recordings whenever, and from wherever.
Centralised footage

All your cameras, in one place

View all your cameras, from all locations, in one central platform.
flexible cloud plans

Reduce maintenance costs

Remove your local recorder, saving space onsite and cutting costs.

Upgrade new and legacy systems with Videoloft

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