Book a free Videoloft trial

Set up a Videoloft 30 day free trial for your school and see what you’ve been missing…

Book a free Videoloft trial

Set up a Videoloft 30 day free trial for your school and see what you’ve been missing…

What's included in a Videoloft free trial?

Transform your existing CCTV system into a cloud VMS (Video Management System) with Videoloft. 

  • Trial Videoloft for 30 days.
  • Free Cloud Adapter for testing.
  • Full technical support.
  • Onsite set up and installation.
  • Onboarding support.

We understand that choosing the right cloud video surveillance solution is a crucial decision for your school. A free trial of Videoloft will allow you to experience the full potential of Videoloft without any upfront costs.

We’ll take care of everything – from set up and installation at a time that works for you, to making sure you’re getting the most out of Videoloft’s features.

Why consider a Videoloft trial?

Tailored to you

Our team will work closely with you to customize the trial based on your specific needs and requirements. This ensures that you get a firsthand experience of how Videoloft can address your unique challenges.

Cost efficiency

The trial allows you to assess the value Videoloft brings to your school without committing to a full implementation upfront. It’s a risk-free way to explore the benefits.

Real world testing

See Videoloft in action in your own environment. Test its capabilities, performance, and user-friendly interface to ensure it aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Hands on support

During the trial, our support team will be readily available to assist you with any questions or concerns. We are committed to providing you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision.

Enquire about a free trial for your school

We value your privacy and take data protection seriously. We will never share or sell your personal data to third parties. Your trust is important to us, and we’re committed to safeguarding your information.

Schools already benefitting from Videoloft

Ernesford Grange

Ernesford Grange Community Academy

Ernesford Grange Academy, a secondary school within The Sidney Stringer Multi-Academy Trust, faced challenges in managing its surveillance system efficiently.

With 57 cameras, primarily used for monitoring pupil movements, tracking incidents, and ensuring safety across the premises, the existing storage solution posed limitations in scalability and accessibility. To address these issues, the school decided to adopt a cloud storage solution.

Ormiston Academy

Ormiston Academy

Ormiston Academy’s existing security system was old, and consisted of outdated cameras and recorders from a variety of different brands. With 121 cameras located across multiple buildings, it had become difficult to manage their security footage efficiently. 

As well as the time-consuming nature of managing separate systems, staff at the academy were also frustrated with the lack of features their outdated systems had to offer and wanted to find a solution.

Upgrade your new or legacy system with Videoloft