CCTV Storage Pricing Compared & Cloud Viewing Solution For Analog – IP Cameras

Did you know that the price of storing your CCTV footage varies massively?

It might surprise you to know that cloud storage can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of storing your CCTV footage.

Find out all you need to know about the cost of storing your CCTV footage:


Why cloud storage? How different CCTV storage pricing methods compare

Figuring out the best way to store and back up your CCTV footage can be hard. There are a lot of different options, all with their own complexities and costs to consider. Do you go for traditional, onsite storage options such as NVRs or DVRs? Or do you choose cloud storage?

Cloud storage is the solution that everyone is moving towards for a number of reasons. For a start, it provides secure offsite backup and provides a centralized platform to remotely view footage from multiple sites. It makes your CCTV system proactive by alerting you to motion detected on your camera and allows you to view the footage from anywhere. In addition, it’s also a cost-effective way to store your footage.

Let’s explore some other options and why they may be costly before comparing cloud storage providers.


Costs of a local recorder (NVR/DVR)

Storing your footage on a local recorder (NVR/DVR) can be adequate as a primary storage method, but it has a lots of associated costs:

  • Requires large upfront costs for hardware purchase
  • Fixed storage capacity, meaning that you could end up paying for more than you need, or that you may not have enough storage
  • Requires costly maintenance and sometimes repairs

Aside from being costly, storing footage on local recorders also comes with several other disadvantages. 

Storing locally limits the amount of footage you can keep and, without the owner knowing it, the recorder may overwrite the footage when it reaches capacity. Most local recorders don’t alert users if they start overwriting footage, stop recording or encounter some other malfunction. Local recorders are also vulnerable to physical damage such as theft or fire.

You’re also responsible for the health of the system, which takes time and money.

While some recorders do offer options to remotely view footage, these frequently require port-forwarding which leaves your system vulnerable to infiltration. 

Finally, storing footage from multiple cameras at different locations can make it hard to view and manage your footage. It also becomes very expensive to buy recorders for all sites.


Cost of NAS

What does NAS mean? 

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage, which is a device that stores your footage. It is essentially like a mini computer that runs 24/7. NAS can both be used as the main storage option for security cameras or as a backup.

But this storage method really encounters problems for sites with more than a couple of cameras, both with its ability to manage multiple cameras and also its costs: 

  • Expensive licenses
  • Very expensive hardware
  • Maintenance costs

For a few cameras you might be willing to pay the high price, but as you add more cameras and require more licenses the cost can become untenable. 


Pricing – Specialized cloud cameras + cloud storage

One way to get cloud storage for your analog or IP camera is to buy specialized plug-and-play cloud cameras from certain providers. But this can also be really expensive and not the most robust solution.

Pricing advantages

  • Often you can choose to record-on-motion (ROM), meaning you can use your cloud storage much more efficiently as you’re only recording footage when motion is detected
  • No need to worry about the cost of maintaining the storage, your cloud provider will do that

Pricing disadvantages

  • If you already have cameras, you’re going to have pay to replace them
  • You’ll pay a premium for the specialized cloud cameras
  • You’ll pay a premium for cloud storage as you are locked in with the provider

Such providers of cloud cameras often charge a premium for their cameras, especially as they likely manufacture lower volumes of such cameras compared to normal analog or IP cameras from established brands. 

The other reason why it becomes very expensive is that they frequently tie you into their cloud storage pricing. Once you’ve bought their hardware they know that you have no choice but to also buy their cloud storage, so the storage is often overpriced. 

Let’s compare Verkada with an independent cloud storage provider – Videoloft. For a 30 day cloud storage plan with 24/7 continuous recording at (2MP) per camera per month you’re looking at upwards of $30.00. On the other hand, Videoloft’s price for the same plan is $18.46 for end-users.

Eagle Eye Networks is another cloud storage provider. For a 7 day cloud storage plan with 24/7 continuous recording at 2MP per camera, per month the cost is upwards of $22.00. With Videoloft, the same plan is around $16.00. Videoloft  also offer discounted rates for enterprise companies with over 32 cameras and our partners.


Pricing – Connecting analog / IP camera with independent cloud storage providers

Advantages to cloud storage pricing with an independent cloud service:

  • Often you can choose to record on motion, meaning you can use your cloud storage much more efficiently as you’re only recording footage when motion is detected
  • You can often use the surveillance system that you already own
  • You can upgrade your security cameras, even legacy systems, with new features with no additional hardware cost
  • No need to worry about the cost of maintaining the storage, your cloud provider will do that

If you consider pricing as a factor for your CCTV footage solution, using an independent cloud storage provider is a great option. 

If you already have security cameras that are compatible with the cloud provider’s service, there’s no need to replace them. If you need to buy security cameras you can do so for a very reasonable price from a range of well-established professional security camera brands. To connect them to the cloud all you need is a Videoloft Cloud Adapter, which takes just minutes to set up.

The exciting bonus is that by connecting them to the Cloud Adapter you can instantly upgrade your analog or IP camera with new features. This means you can have everything from motion detection, live camera health monitoring, and video analytics. This is an important factor to consider if price is important to you because you can buy cheap security cameras and have features that would otherwise cost you a considerable amount. 

There is also no operational cost of maintaining cloud storage as you would find with an NVR or DVR. One of the benefits of cloud storage is that all of that worry and time is left to the cloud storage provider.


Cloud storage providers pricing comparison

Videoloft’s cloud storage plans are very affordable. For example, for 7 days storage ROM at 2MP resolution prices start at $13.00 per month. 

Camcloud’s 30 day, 2MP prices look as though they start at $15 per camera, whereas Videoloft’s equivalent plan is $14.23. Videoloft also offers discounted prices to enterprise organizations with 32 or more cameras, and registered partners. Not only this, Videoloft offers an additional discount when you sign up for 12 months upfront, giving you 10% off.

Every security system has unique cloud storage requirements, so you can get a free quote for the cloud storage you need.


Cloud viewing solution for analog and IP cameras

Videoloft allows you to connect your existing analog or IP cameras to the cloud with a Videoloft Cloud Adapter. You can use your existing analog or IP cameras, or buy new ones from reliable brands as the Videoloft Cloud Adapter is compatible with a wide range of cameras including Hikvision, Dahua and many more.

Once connected to the cloud you can remotely view live and stored videos – check out our end-user plans here.

You can upgrade your plan at any time, and you can add additional features such as video analytics to your plan if you require it. 

You can easily try our free demo on the Videoloft website.


Cloud storage plan for security professionals

Videoloft offers a discounted Cloud Adapter to all registered partners. All you need to do is join our free partner program. We also offer a free cloud storage plan including up to 5 cameras with 30 days cloud storage for our partners to test the system before offering it to their customers. 

Joining the Videoloft partner program also comes with a host of other benefits such as technical and marketing support and a management portal to manage your customer’s recurring payments. 

Videoloft offers free co-branding on the Videoloft platform, meaning that your logo and contact details would be shown to your customers through the Videoloft app and web viewer. Alternatively, we offer a free lightweight white label on the CCTV Connect app,  where your app icon, branding and colours can appear. 

As mentioned above, Videoloft offers affordable pricing and registered partners  can also access discounted trade plans. 

Videoloft is also not limited by restricted resolution like some other cloud providers and can record up to (8MP) video straight to the cloud.



There are many options available for CCTV storage but not all are equal, especially in price! 

While NVRs/DVRs and NAS are useful as basic recording devices, they’re not the most risk-free given they’re so vulnerable to physical damage. They’re also quite expensive if you have a lot of cameras and it can be really hard to manage lots of cameras from different sites.

You could choose a special cloud camera from certain providers but you face the cost of having to buy their expensive new cameras. Then you face additional costs as you pay a premium for their cloud storage given you are tied in. 

Finally, you could choose an independent cloud storage provider such as Videoloft.

Interested in Videoloft? Look no further, choose your cloud plan, and create your account by getting started. Videoloft gives you secure offsite video storage, a centralized remote viewing platform and much more.

If you are a security professional learn more about our free partner program for security installers, integrators and dealers. 

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