Enhancing school safety: The role of cloud CCTV in schools

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Concerns around safety in UK schools are rising, driven by a variety of issues. There’s been an increase in incidents involving knives and other weapons, prompting calls for better security measures including improved surveillance and more security staff. Not only this, bullying remains a significant problem – with physical, verbal and cyber bullying impacting student well-being.


Schools are actively seeking more effective strategies to combat bullying, and foster a safer environment for students and staff. These concerns have driven policy makers to introduce statutory safeguarding guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’; this legislation aims to safeguard and promote the welfare of students.


Considering the following statistics the legislation is an important piece of guidance to improve outcomes for both students and teachers.


  • 40% of young people have been bullied in the last 12 months (Department of Education)
  • 1 in 4 children with SEN experienced violence at school  (Department of Education)
  • 37% of teachers have experienced physical abuse or violence from pupils in the last 12 months (NASUWT)
  • 14% of teachers have been hit or punched in the last 12 months (NASUWT)


Safeguarding in schools is essential for keeping children and teachers safe. It means having whole school policies and procedures in place to help protect children and staff.



Let’s look at how cloud CCTV can help schools meet their safeguarding responsibilities…


The advantages of cloud video surveillance and its role in educational settings


The growing adoption of cloud CCTV in educational settings marks a significant shift from traditional surveillance systems. One of the standout benefits of cloud CCTV is its scalability, as schools grow and expand, adding more cameras is easy and doesn’t require significant hardware investments or disruptions. Unlike local onsite systems, which are often limited by their storage capacity and tend to be more complex to upgrade, cloud solutions are flexible and mean you can make easy adjustments that meet changing needs without hassle.


Another major advantage is centralised viewing, which addressed challenges similar to those faced by Ernesford Grange Academy, a secondary school within The Sidney Stringer Multi-Academy Trust. The school struggled managing its network of 57 cameras, which were critical for monitoring pupil movement and ensuring safety across the premises. The traditional storage system they used was not only hard to scale, but also made accessing and managing footage cumbersome, as it required logging into different systems for various parts of the school.


By adopting a cloud storage system, Ernesford Grange Academy was able to centralise the viewing of all their cameras into one single platform. This shift simplified the process for their staff, who could now oversee the entire campus from one location without the need to switch between different systems. It made monitoring more efficient, but also improved the school’s ability to respond to incidents swiftly and effectively. With cloud CCTV, the school gained a more scalable, accessible and manageable security system, illustrating the clear advantages of modern cloud technology in educational settings.


Ernesford Grange



Key safeguarding concerns addressed by cloud CCTV


In schools, the adoption of cloud CCTV can be transformative, addressing several key safeguarding concerns that contribute to a safer school environment and help schools meet statutory requirements. Here’s how cloud CCTV can make a difference:


Bullying management and prevention

  • Real-time monitoring – Footage can be viewed live, in real-time, allowing staff to watch interactions between students as they occur – this not only helps deter negative behaviours but also means staff can respond quickly to any issues before they escalate.
  • Recorded footage – This allows staff to review past incidents between pupils to understand contexts better, which will assist in timely and informed intervention decisions.


Teacher protection

  • Video evidence – This is essential when investigating any allegations of abuse or misconduct. Clear footage helps ensure any investigations are thorough, protecting all parties involved. With cloud CCTV there’s no need to decide between two conflicting accounts, as the recorded video can provide an impartial and accurate record of events. Cloud storage systems often include added encryption and strict access controls, ensuring that video evidence is tamper proof, which helps unhold the trust and safety of the educational environment.


Quicker response times

  • Immediate response – Cloud CCTV systems allow staff to view real-time live feeds from any location, this is crucial during emergencies when a quick response is vital.
  • Faster decision making – By having access to real time camera feeds staff have a better awareness of what’s going on – this means quicker and more effective responses.


A coordinated response to safeguarding

  • Multi – user permissions – Cloud CCTV systems allow you to grant various levels of access to different users, such as school administrators, safeguarding staff and security staff. This facilitates a co-ordinated response to incidents, ensuring that the right people have the necessary access to respond effectively and maintain school safety.


Ofsted considerations

  • Demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding – With Ofsted including safeguarding in their inspections, having a robust cloud CCTV system can highlight a school’s commitment to protecting both staff and students.





Cloud CCTV – The future of school surveillance?


Cloud CCTV systems are changing how schools across the country approach safety and security. By bringing older, outdated systems into the modern age, platforms like Videoloft have enabled institutions like Ormiston Academy and Ernesford Grange Academy to monitor their campuses more effectively, without the need to rip out and replace their existing systems.


These improvements not only make schools safer, but also enhance the ability of staff to respond quickly to potential incidents.


For more information on how cloud CCTV can benefit your school, get in touch with our team today at hello@videoloft.net, or alternatively arrange a free proof of concept and trial Videoloft for free for 30 days – we’ll do all the hard work so you don’t have to!


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