Cloud CCTV myths

There are many preconceptions about cloud video surveillance, but at Videoloft we’ve worked hard to bust the common myths.

Cloud video surveillance myths

Cloud doesn't have to mean limited resolution

Cloud traditionally caused resolution to be limited to 1080p. Often, this meant an onsite recorder was still needed in order to save higher resolution video locally.

However, with the Videoloft Cloud Adapter you can record up to 8MP (4K) video straight to the cloud.

8MP cloud storage
Centralised footage

Cloud doesn't have to mean limited compatibility

With the Videoloft Cloud Adapter, you can connect legacy or new systems to the cloud.

Our cloud software is directly integrated with leading manufacturers and works with many others via our ONVIF integration.

Cloud doesn't have to be unsecure

Videoloft’s software is continuously updated, meaning our security protocols are too.

With Videoloft no port-forwarding is required and all video is saved to AWS using 256-bit encryption and transmitted over encrypted TLS (HTTPS) channels.

flexible cloud plans

Cloud doesn't have to be expensive

Using a cloud storage provider can actually decrease the total cost of ownership of a security system.

Videoloft is 8-10x cheaper than other cloud providers.

Loss of network doesn't mean loss of footage

The Videoloft Cloud Adapter comes with 32GB built-in storage which acts as a back up in case of a network outage. 

In this case, it’ll store the video footage on the edge and automatically send it to the cloud when your internet connection has been restored.

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Cloud doesn't have to be complicated

You can install Videoloft cloud remotely in a few minutes through the Videoloft Apple and Android apps.

You don’t need to do any port-forwarding or router configuration.

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