The Road to Earning Cloud CCTV RMR for Your Security Business


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Generating recurring monthly revenue (RMR) from cloud CCTV as a security professional is both financially intelligent and increasingly imperative. Let’s dive into how RMR works, its benefits, and the earning potential from selling cloud video surveillance. We’ll explore the road to earning RMR and the possible challenges facing those that attempt to add RMR into their business model. Finally, we’ll address details of how the financials and management of payments work.



What is RMR? 

What is recurring monthly revenue (RMR)? Simply put, recurring revenue is just revenue that is recurring! 

To give you a better understanding, let’s explain how adding RMR can dramatically change a  security professional’s business.

When installing a customers’ security system you should sell cloud video surveillance as a default. It has lots of benefits for both you and your customer. In most cases, security professionals who sell cloud-based security systems still charge a one-off installation and hardware fee for each new system they install. On top of this installation fee, you’ll begin to earn monthly or annual cloud subscription fees. Year on year, a high proportion of these customers will continue to subscribe to their cloud solution, meaning you’ll continue to earn revenue from these customers way beyond the initial installation of their system. In addition to this, you’ll continue to add new subscribers and earn recurring revenue from them too. Your revenue will rapidly grow, with money coming in from new customers and ones you set up years ago. What’s not to love?



Why is cloud CCTV RMR important for your business model?

    • Earn additional revenue – adding a source of RMR makes your business more profitable.
    • Add a regular source of stable income – earn money from existing customers even if new business is slow. This can act as an additional insurance policy for you, giving you some stable and reliant income.
    • Increase company valuation – being able to show reliable repeat business and higher profits means your company will be worth more and can help secure investment or a profitable exit.
    • Make your customers “stickier” – customers are more likely to return to your business due to increased brand familiarity from the continued use of their cloud storage solution (Videoloft co-brands with their partners for free).



RMR – How to incentivise your sales team

Admittedly one of the main challenges you may face when introducing this business model is changing your sales team mindset. Sales teams are traditionally used to a one time installation fee and receive an instant commission from labor and hardware. Instead, you will now need to reorientate them towards the longer term earning potential from the customer, meaning short term sacrifices. While the lifetime value of the customer very likely goes up with RMR, it can be easy to fall back into shortsighted favor towards smaller instant rewards as opposed to more sensible recurring ones. Therefore it’s a good idea to think of a few ways to change the sales team mindset:

    • Incentivising them with a larger upfront commission at the point of installation with a cloud cctv system, knowing that the value of the customer will grow over time.
    • Run competitions within your sales team to encourage them to add cloud into every quote and reward the employees who have the best conversion rate.
    • Consider yearly bonuses based on cloud subscriptions instead of, or in addition to, commission payments at the time of installation. 

To make even more RMR it is important to communicate with your customers frequently and remain informed about cloud video surveillance benefits. 



How to handle recurring payments 

So you’re thinking, this sounds great but how does this actually work? 

Videoloft offers competitive trade list pricing, and you can decide on the price for your customers.The Videoloft team can advise typical end user prices, although it really does depend on the type of customer and their requirements vs. price sensitivity. While most security professionals sell cloud video surveillance as a monthly subscription, there are also other payment options such as leasing or larger upfront payments which might be more suitable to your customer base.

Once you have decided on the price that you would like to charge for the cloud solution, you need to establish how you are going to manage the recurring payments.You might already charge your customers monthly or annual fees and have the finance system in place, so you can just pay Videoloft the trade list price and charge your customers yourselves. Alternatively, recurring payments might be out of your comfort zone and in this case Videoloft can handle them for you, paying your commission straight into your bank account.



The road to cloud CCTV RMR  – What’s next?

If you want a piece of the RMR pie, just take these steps:

    1. Sign up to the Videoloft partner program (for free) – when you sign up Videoloft can co-brand their application with your logo for your customer (free of charge), or you can choose from further whitelabeling options.
    2. Login to the Videoloft Partner Portal to download marketing & sales materials as well as simple installation guides.
    3. Get your sales team on board – make sure they are incentivised in the right way. Help them learn about cloud CCTV benefits for the customer and common cloud video surveillance misconceptions.
    4. Start signing up those customers and earn RMR!!



Examples of selling cloud video surveillance to earn RMR

As discussed, there are many different ways to add cloud to your business mode. A helpful way to understand more is to read some of our case studies

One example is Alertwatch, a security company based in Ireland. The majority of their customers are residential or small businesses, who are often price sensitive. Alertwatch tailored their solutions around their customers to ensure that it was affordable. To lower the upfront cost for their customer they only charged for the labor of the installation, and leased the hardware and cloud licenses on a 3-year contract. This method has proven incredibly successful and they now earn recurring revenue from a large number of customers.



Why Videoloft for cloud CCTV RMR?

Why choose Videoloft as your cloud provider? There are quite a few reasons! 

  • Competitive trade list pricing – This allows you to make a good margin while keeping the prices attractive for your customer.
  • Simple and remote installation – Videoloft can be set up remotely, provided the Cloud Adapter is plugged into the network.This enables you to both quickly install and continue installing when it isn’t possible to get on site.
  • Broad compatibility – Videoloft is compatible with an extensive variety of professional security cameras.
  • Marketing and sales resources – Videoloft provides its partners with useful marketing and sales materials to help you maximize your sales.
  • Flexible payment management options – Videoloft can handle the recurring payment on your behalf and pay your commission, or you can pay Videoloft for the trade list prices and charge your customer yourself. 
  • Co-brand for free – Videoloft can make a co-branded version of our app for your customers to view, meaning that your brand continues to be seen by the customer daily.
  • Additional features – Cloud CCTV is not just about offsite storage. Videoloft gives your customers lots of advanced features including 4K resolution and video analytics that other cloud video surveillance providers don’t.



Video Surveillance RMR summarized

Earning RMR is a great way to earn more money and retain customers for longer. While you might need to alter your sales processes, an RMR business model should be more profitable in the long run.

Are you a security professional looking to add cloud to customers’ security systems? Learn more about our free partner program for security installers, integrators and dealers.

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