Cloud CCTV White Label – Things to Consider When Choosing Your White Label Provider

What is white labeling and what does this mean in the context of providing cloud CCTV? A white label is when you put your brand onto a product or solution that is ready to go to market. The most common white label products that you’ll have come across are amongst your grocery items! Often, generic products are created by a manufacturer, after which, your chosen grocer then white labels (brands) the product as their own. In this case, a security company looks for a cloud CCTV provider who they can partner with, putting their company brand onto the ready-made solution.

Many security companies search for a cloud CCTV solution which they can white label and resell. Dive into understanding how white labeling cloud CCTV works and its benefits for the security company. Finally, before partnering with a cloud CCTV provider and white labeling its product, there are some important considerations to bear in mind.

Why resell cloud CCTV as a security company?

Why so security companies want to resell cloud CCTV? Cloud CCTV has a host of benefits for the end user that go far beyond just the safety element of storing their CCTV footage offsite. Additional benefits that can come from cloud platforms include:

    • Easy remote access to video footage, often via mobile and web
    • See all your cameras, from multiple locations, in one place
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Multi-user permissions
    • A highly flexible and scalable security solution
    • Always improving – continual updates

Cloud CCTV is also a highly beneficial product for the security company that is reselling it. They can:

    • Provide customers with an advanced cloud based solution
    • Access vital camera health information and remotely diagnose problems with ease
    • Earn RMR and a lot of it! Receive revenue from your customers’ monthly cloud CCTV subscription.

In short, cloud CCTV is great for the end user and for the security company too. That’s why security companies are seeking to resell it! It is much easier to white label an existing product than to create your own cloud solution which can take years to make and perfect.

Why white label and not just sell under the cloud provider’s name?

Of course, you can just sell the cloud CCTV product under the provider’s name. To do that all you need to do is register as a Videoloft partner, and you’re good to go! However, some companies want to deliver the cloud CCTV solution under their own brand name to make their customers’ security experience appear all the more synchronized, professional and complete.

Checklist of considerations – for white labeling cloud CCTV 

Before you rush into exploring white labeling options, think about exactly how and what you want to deliver to your customer. Key considerations include:

    • The cost of the actual cloud CCTV provider’s solution
    • The compatibility of cloud CCTV provider’s solution to security cameras
    • The cloud CCTV provider’s features
    • The service you can expect from the cloud CCTV provider; are they going to be helpful / responsive and adaptable to your customers’ needs?
    • How much of your company’s branding is necessary in the cloud CCTV solution?
    • Pricing of the white labeling


Why white label with Videoloft? 

Videoloft are experts in secure, offsite cloud storage and there are many benefits of joining our partner program.

    • Competitive trade list prices meaning you have room to both make a good margin and remain a very competitive option for your customers
    • Compatible with an extensive range of security cameras
    • The Videoloft app works on Apple and Android devices and customers can also view their cameras through the Videoloft website
    • Videoloft has an extensive feature list including advanced scheduling capabilities.
    • Offers 4K resolution, recording either straight to the cloud or alongside a recorder.
    • Technical and marketing support
    • A management portal to manage your customers and view live camera health information
    • Flexible payment options – either pay Videoloft the trade prices and charge your customer direct, or let Videoloft manage the recurring payments and pay your commission


Videoloft white labeling options

1. Co-brand with Videoloft 

Free of charge for all of our partners (our partner program is free as well), a logo and contact details of their choice will be shown within the Videoloft app that is used by their customers. Rely on Videoloft’s reputable brand and marketing materials to deliver the cloud CCTV solution. This is a truly plug and play solution, it takes no time to set up – you just need to register as a partner and you can begin.

2. Lightweight white label with CCTV Connect

If you’d like further customization you can choose a lightweight white label. Instead of using the Videoloft app, your customers can use CCTV Connect, an app with a generic brand name but the same functionality as the Videoloft app. You can choose the app icon (what appears on the app store and on the customers’ phone) and colors shown within the app. It takes Videoloft about 10 days to set up for free.

3. Full white label – bespoke package

Videoloft’s final offering is a full white label for their partners. This is a completely bespoke software package that will be branded accordingly. You can decide on the app name, and the app will be listed under your company’s developer account in app stores. It features an online multi-camera web viewer that will be fully branded and hosted on a subdomain of your company’s website. This package includes automated email alerts that are sent from your domain and include your desired branding and contact details.

As well as the white labeled software, you’ll receive your own branded versions of the Videoloft marketing materials and help with any additional items you require to sell the solution to your customers. This is a complete white label solution, and your customer would interact with this service entirely under your brand.


What’s next?

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