Cloud for any industry

Explore how different industries use Videoloft’s cloud video surveillance solution.

How Videoloft helps different customers


Allow multiple users to access video and track project progress.


Ensure your logistics run smoothly and keep your workers safe.

Waste Management

Compliance made easy with cloud video surveillance.


Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Remote sites

Strengthen remote sites’ security with network outage protection.

Medical & elderly facilities

Ensure patients’ standard of care and protect sensitive information.


Protect students and staff, and create a safer learning environment.


Protect against shrinkage, slip and fall claims or recorder damage.


Protect your shop and view all cameras from one place, using the Videoloft app or web viewer.


Protect your congregation and valuable assets.

Multiple sites

Enable centralized monitoring of multiple locations and cameras.

Farms & Agriculture

Keep an eye on all your farm buildings from one central location.

Property management

Enable centralized monitoring of multiple locations and cameras.


Get easy remote video access and unlimited motion alerts.


Prevent stock loss and ensure valuable assets are protected and secure.

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