Cloud video surveillance designed for the automotive industry

Are you looking for offsite cloud CCTV storage tailored for the automotive industry? Look no further!

Videoloft specializes in cloud-based CCTV solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of automotive companies.

Protect your automotive assets with 24/7 remote access
and centralized viewing

Video Management System

Whether you manage car parking facilities, run a car leasing firm, operate a car dealership, or oversee a car manufacturing plant, our cloud VMS has the features you need to enhance your operations and improve security.

  • Real-time monitoring: Keep an eye on your assets 24/7, from anywhere in the world.
  • Moving vehicle detection: Detect and track vehicles to help prevent theft.
  • Stock protection: Safeguard your stock from theft and damage with round the clock surveillance.
  • Broad compatibility: Works seamlessly with most camera and recorder brands.
  • Centralized footage: Access all your footage from one simple to use platform.

Improve your security and streamline your operations with our simple, cost-effective cloud video management system.

Benefits of cloud video surveillance for the automotive industry

Asset protection

Asset protection

Keep high value vehicles safe from theft and vandalism.

Operational benefits ​

Operational benefits

Access multiple sites remotely from one central platform.

HR and Safety​

HR and Safety

Have evidence readily available for any workplace health and safety claims.

Cost effective cloud video surveillance

Cost effective

Add Videoloft to your existing security system, no need to rip and replace.



Easily expand camera coverage without significant infrastructure changes.

Continuous updates​

Continuous updates

Constant VMS updates to ensure it stays secure and up to date.

Upgrade your legacy systems with Videoloft

Intelligent video analytics for the automotive industry

Person and moving vehicle detection

Person and moving vehicle detection

Advanced neural networks detect people and moving vehicles in real time, providing accurate insights.

License plate recognition​

License plate recognition

ALPR reads plates and records vehicle make and model. Users can search plates, view related videos, and generate reports for specific periods and cameras.

object counting

Object counting

Gather data on the number of people or vehicles in and around your office, showroom or car lot.

Trusted by automotive customers globally

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A feature-rich offsite cloud storage solution

Videoloft is a cloud video surveillance platform that offers a simple, secure and affordable way to add cloud storage to compatible CCTV systems. The Videoloft app and web viewer allows users to effortlessly retrieve, replay, share and download recordings, and view camera live feeds through a single login.

Centralized viewing

Centralized viewing

View live and recorded video from unlimited sites and cameras, via mobile app or web-based VMS.

Remote access

Remote control

Adjust recording settings and schedules remotely. Control PTZ cameras and use 2-way audio with compatible cameras.

live camera health monitoring

Health monitoring

Receive alerts when cameras aren’t recording. Health dashboard with performance metrics and troubleshooting tips coming soon!

Easy set up

Compatible with leading camera and recorder brands. Connect the Cloud Adapter to the camera network then install remotely in minutes.

Multi user permissions

Multiple users

Add unlimited users at no extra cost. Set permission and camera access levels.

cctv analytics


Make your CCTV system even smarter with analytics.

Real-time alerts

Receive alerts for motion, person, or vehicle detection. Set alerting schedules to suit you.

We're here to ensure your success

Onboarding manager

Onboarding manager

Your onboarding manager will provide advice and support, and show you how to make the most of the Videoloft cloud VMS platform.

installation support

Installation support

Our team will guide you through the set up and installation until you’re up and running and happy with how everything is working.

Ongoing training

Ongoing training

We’ll be in touch when we’ve released new features, and provide you with the training you need to make the most of them.

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