Ensure regulatory compliance for cannabis video surveillance systems

Traditional video surveillance storage makes compliance with tight state regulations challenging. What’s the solution? Flexible, cost-effective cloud video surveillance from Videoloft.

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Long-term cloud video surveillance storage for the Cannabis industry


Whilst each state is different, law-makers are laying out strict instructions when it comes to video surveillance that must be followed by everyone involved in cannabis operations. It’s not just about law-enforcement either, your insurance company may require you to meet one-year industry standard retention guidelines when it comes to storing your surveillance footage.


Videoloft is a cloud-based Videoloft Management System compatible with hundreds of brands of recorders and cameras. With Videoloft, you can store your footage offsite in the cloud for as long as is required, allowing you to meet both legislative and regulatory requirements.

Why Videoloft for cannabis facilities?

Secure offsite backup with network protection

Secure offsite backup

Ensure footage is always there when needed. Videoloft offers flexible cloud storage plans ranging from 7 days to 3+ years. All video is encrypted & securely stored in the Videoloft cloud so it’s safe, even if the recorder malfunctions, is stolen or damaged.

Motion triggered

Motion triggered & 24/7 recording options

Cannabis farms are often required to store all camera footage offsite. With Videoloft, select which cameras need to record 24/7 to the cloud. Cost-effective plans and onboard storage in case of network restrictions make Videoloft a reliable & affordable solution.
Bulk download

Bulk download tool

Cannabis regulators can request access to review days worth of stored video at short notice. With the Videoloft bulk download tool simply enter the date range to access a zip file link to easily share with officials.

Configurable FPS

Configurable FPS

FPS and resolution requirements for cannabis facilities can vary from state to state. With Videoloft, record up to 4K video at 10/15fps to the cloud to ensure the video quality meets state specifications.


Real world benefits

cloud cctv alerts

Limit system downtime

Ensure problems are spotted in real time so they can be rapidly diagnosed and resolved. With Videoloft, the customer and security professional will be instantly alerted if a camera cannot send video to the cloud.

cloud vsaas

Easy monitoring

Use Videoloft to see all camera feeds on one platform. Be instantly notified when motion is detected and schedule recording and notification alerts.

cloud video surveillance cheap

Scalable & flexible

Videoloft's broad compatibility gives flexibility when it comes to selecting the right cameras for the cannabis farm/dispensary. Upgrade or downgrade the number of cameras and the cloud recording period whenever required.

A feature-rich, offsite cloud storage solution

8MP resolution

Remote access

Remote access

Multiple viewing options

Multiple viewing

Centralized viewing

Centralized viewing

Cellular networks

Can run on cellular

Remote installation

Multi user permissions


live camera health monitoring

Live camera health monitoring

Scheduling recording & alerts



Two-way audio

Remote control

PTZ controls


cctv analytics


Multi-camera event playback

Customizable live viewing

Multi-camera event playback

Compatible with your existing security system

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