Cloud video surveillance
for places of worship

Videoloft is the perfect solution for churches, mosques, chapels and other places of worship who want to keep their congregation safe, whilst also securely backing up their video surveillance footage to the cloud.

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Why is cloud CCTV important for churches?

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Places of worship, such as churches, are often a target for thieves. They tend to be home to many valuable objects, and some may also house historical records and artefacts. 

A cloud CCTV solution can help keep your congregation safe, protect valuable historical and religious artefacts and has a whole host of other key benefits including:

  • Centralized platform to view footage from all cameras
  • Upgrade legacy CCTV systems
  • Multi user login and permissions
  • Securely back up footage offsite

If you’re an end user it’s free to get started – all you need is the Videoloft Cloud Adapter to connect your existing security system to the cloud.

Features of Videoloft's cloud video surveillance solution

Scheduling alerts & recording

Set up motion detection zones, and schedule when cameras record and when alerts are received. Perfect if you only want to record at certain times.


Remote video access

Your footage is accessible from anywhere, on any device. The Videoloft platform can provide round-the-clock monitoring and allows footage to be viewed from any location.

Multi user permissions

Multi-user permissions

Give an unlimited number of relevant people read-only or full admin access to all or specific cameras, depending on your requirements.



Record straight to the cloud

Secure, offsite backup

All video is encrypted and stored in the Videoloft cloud so it’s safe – even if your recorder or cameras malfunction or are stolen or damaged.


Upgrade new and legacy systems with Videoloft

Church cloud video surveillance FAQs

Do I need to keep my local recorder or can I record straight to the cloud?

It’s up to you. Some customers use the cloud alongside their local NVR/DVR so they have both local and remote access. Other customers get rid of the local recorder and record straight to the cloud.

How secure will my footage be?

Cloud storage can be more secure than footage stored locally for a number of reasons. All video sent to the Videoloft cloud is transmitted over encrypted HTTPS channels, where it’s then stored in the cloud using 256-bit encryption. We utilise the same technology used in online banking, giving you complete peace of mind that any footage sent to the cloud is secure.

How much does cloud CCTV for churches cost?

For end-users, our cloud storage pricing plans start from just $7.89/£7.49 per month. We also offer a 30 day free trial!

We offer discounted rates for our partners, which can be up to 8 – 10 times cheaper than other cloud providers.

Will I be alerted if there is any suspicious activity detected at my church?

Traditional CCTV systems don’t have alerts – such as motion detection – built in. Videoloft comes with motion detection alerts as standard, which means you’ll be instantly notified of security threats as and when they take place.

A feature rich, cloud backup solution

8MP resolution

cloud video surveillance

Multiple viewing

Cloud video surveillance remote installation videoloft feature

Remote installation

Cloud video surveillancemultiuser permissions videoloft feature


Cloud video surveillance live camera health monitoring videoloft feature

Live camera health monitoring

Cloud video surveillance live camera health monitoring videoloft featurescheduling videoloft feature

Scheduling recording & alerts

Cloud video surveillance timelapse video videoloft feature


Two-way audio

Remote control

Remote control


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