Cloud video surveillance
for construction sites

Are you looking for a cloud video surveillance solution for a building or construction site?

Videoloft specialises in cloud-based CCTV solutions that are perfect for monitoring construction sites.

Why is cloud CCTV important for construction sites?

COnstruction site

Construction site theft is a big business, with millions of dollars worth of materials stolen from sites every year.

Cloud video surveillance allows construction site managers to keep their equipment and employees safe and secure, whilst also providing other key benefits, including:

  • Centralised platform to view footage from all cameras
  • Remote access to footage at anytime
  • Multiple user logins and permissions
  • Local live video wall for critical monitored cameras
  • Securely backup footage offsite

The Videoloft platform is compatible with a wide range of camera & recorder brands, and getting started is easy. All you need is the Videoloft Cloud Adapter – the bridging device that will connect your system to the cloud.

Why choose Videoloft for construction sites?

Secure offsite backup with network protection

Secure offsite backup with network protection

Record up to 8MP (4K) to the cloud or locally. Video is encrypted & stored. During network outages, video is stored locally and uploaded later.

Incident management

Have video evidence ready for workplace accidents. Easily access and review footage to ensure compliance and safety protocols are followed.

Multi-user permission

Multi-user permissions

Give stakeholders access to cameras. Track project progress or monitor the site remotely. Ensure all activities are well documented and secure.

Remote camera access

View all your cameras in one place

View footage from all cameras on one platform. Keep track of your project site seamlessly. Ensure continuous monitoring and management.

Add cloud to your existing security system

Intelligent video analytics for construction sites

Person & vehicle detection

Detect people & moving vehicles in real time.

Line crossing with Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance

Line crossing

Monitor sensitive areas like tool storage and project offices.

Object counting using Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance

Object counting

Monitor the number of people entering and exiting your site.

PPE detection with Videoloft

PPE detection

Detect the use of PPE on site to ensure worker safety.

Trusted by construction companies globally

Adopting cloud for compliance with insurance regulations

Find out how NWH Group fulfilled their insurance company’s requirements by using Videoloft.

Streamlining surveillance operations with Videoloft

Find out how FTH Hire uses Videoloft to securely back up their footage to the cloud, removing the need for onsite recorders.

See what you've been missing

Real world benefits

Remote project management

Remote project management

With Videoloft all camera feeds can be viewed on one platform. Use Videoloft’s PTZ functionality to see all aspects of the site as it progresses. Remotely supervise and guide materials and work.

internet mast

No internet? No problem!

If there is no internet on the building site then install a 4G router and record directly to the cloud. Videoloft’s dynamic frame rate, bit rate and resolution adjustment ensure all recorded video is sent to the cloud, even in poor network conditions.

Keeps site CCTV secure

Unlike traditional recorders that are vulnerable to theft or damage onsite, record straight to the cloud with Videoloft. Solve onsite incidents in real time by scheduling alerts so that notifications are received when no one should be onsite.

A feature-rich, offsite cloud storage solution

8MP resolution

Remote access

Remote access

Multiple viewing options

Multiple viewing

Centralized viewing

Centralized viewing

Cellular networks

Can run on cellular

Remote installation

Multi user permissions


live camera health monitoring

Live camera health monitoring

Scheduling recording & alerts



Two-way audio

Remote control

PTZ controls


cctv analytics


Multi-camera event playback

Customizable live viewing

Multi-camera event playback

We're here to ensure your success

Onboarding manager

Onboarding manager

Your onboarding manager will provide advice and support, and show you how to make the most of the Videoloft cloud VMS platform.


installation support

Installation support

Our team will guide you through the set up and installation until you’re up and running and happy with how everything is working.

Ongoing training

Ongoing training

We’ll be in touch when we’ve released new features, and provide you with the training you need to make the most of them.

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