Cloud video surveillance
for education facilities

Are you looking for a cloud video surveillance solution for a school, college, university or other educational facility? Then we can help!

Videoloft specialises in cloud-based CCTV solutions that are perfect for educational establishments.

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Why is cloud CCTV important for schools & colleges?

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Schools, colleges and other educational establishments can often be complex environments – made up of a number of different buildings and classrooms. 

Cloud video surveillance allows educational establishments to keep their schools safe and secure, whilst also providing other key benefits, including:

  • Centralised platform to view footage from all cameras
  • Replace legacy servers & connect IP and analogue systems to one platform
  • Multiple user login and permissions
  • Local live video wall for critical monitored cameras
  • Securely backup footage offsite

The Videoloft platform is compatible with a wide range of camera & recorder brands, and getting started is easy. All you need is the Videoloft Cloud Adapter – the bridging device that will connect your system to the cloud.

Benefits of Videoloft for schools & education facilities

Centralised footage

Centralised footage

Access footage from multiple cameras and sites in one central platform, with easy access via a web browser or the Videoloft app.
Multi user permissions

Multi-user permissions

Improve school campus security by giving security personnel or first responders read-only or full admin access to all or specific cameras.
8MP cloud storage

Recording & resolution

Choose from motion detection recording or 24/7 recording depending on how critical your camera is. Recording resolutions range from 2MP right up to 8MP.
flexible cloud plans

Scalable & flexible

Stay within budget with affordable and scalable cloud CCTV storage. Store video in the Videoloft cloud for 7, 30, 90 days or more. 

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Upgrade your legacy systems with Videoloft

A feature rich, cloud backup solution

8MP resolution

cloud video surveillance

Multiple viewing

Cloud video surveillance remote installation videoloft feature

Remote installation

Cloud video surveillancemultiuser permissions videoloft feature


Cloud video surveillance live camera health monitoring videoloft feature

Live camera health monitoring

Cloud video surveillance live camera health monitoring videoloft featurescheduling videoloft feature

Scheduling recording & alerts

Cloud video surveillance timelapse video videoloft feature


Two-way audio

Remote control

Remote control


FAQs - Cloud video surveillance for schools

Our school uses a mixture of different camera brands, can you integrate with them all?

Many educational establishments use a variety of camera brands, especially as new buildings and classrooms open up. Videoloft can centralise all this footage into one unified platform and is compatible with a wide range of leading camera and recorder brands, including Hikvision, Uniview, Dahua, Vivotek and more. View our compatibility list here.

Can we have separate logins for different users?

Yes! Videoloft supports multi-user access and permissions. You can choose which cameras different people have access to and what level of access they have – from read-only to full admin rights. The choice is yours.

Can I view the camera feeds on a local monitor or display?

Yes, connecting the Videoloft Cloud Adapter to a monitor via a micro HDMI cable will allow security personnel to watch live camera feeds, ensuring they can respond quickly to any issues. Moreover, there will be no latency and no network bandwidth being used as you’ll be watching the live feeds over the local network, rather than via the Videoloft Cloud.

Our school insurance policy states we need to store footage for 6 months, is this possible?

Yes, we’re really flexible and can offer a variety of storage plans from 30 days right up to 5 years! We can also create bespoke storage plans depending on your exact requirements.

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