Cloud video surveillance
for farms and ranches

If you’re looking for cloud video surveillance for your farm, ranch or agricultural business then you’re in the right place.

Videoloft specialises in cloud-based video surveillance solutions that are perfect for the agricultural industry.

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Why is cloud CCTV important for your farm's security?

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Farms present a unique set of security challenges for their owners. They’re usually home to expensive livestock, machinery, fuel, and tools, which can all be a target for thieves. Add to this multiple farm buildings that need protecting and you’re looking at a challenging security problem.

Cloud CCTV for farms and other agricultural businesses enables owners to keep their property secure and safe, with minimal effort.

  • Remotely monitor livestock around the clock 
  • Keep out-buildings safe and secure and protect your assets
  • View camera live streams to check on livestock at vulnerable times such as lambing season

All you need to get started is the Videoloft Cloud Adapter, the bridging device that will connect your security cameras to the cloud and bring all your footage together.

Features of Videoloft's cloud video surveillance solution

Centralized footage

Access footage from multiple cameras and buildings all from one central platform, with easy access via a web browser or the Videoloft app.

Motion detection alerts

Set up motion detection zones, and adjust camera sensitivity to a level that’s right for you. Receive email or push notification alerts when motion is detected.

Camera live streams

View your camera live streams from anywhere, giving you peace of mind that your assets and your livestock are safe and secure.

Remote video access

Your footage is accessible from anywhere, on any device. The Videoloft platform can provide round-the-clock monitoring and allows footage to be viewed from any location.

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Farm cloud video surveillance FAQs

Do I need a stable internet connection to back up my footage to the cloud?

Agricultural sites can be in remote locations and may not have the infrastructure in place to support a traditional wired internet connection. Videoloft will work without wired internet, you can run on a 4G modem or router and record directly to the cloud. 

Videoloft also has network outage protection. This means that if there is a network outage, video is stored locally on the Cloud Adapter and is uploaded to the cloud once network is restored.

Will I be alerted if there is any suspicious activity detected at my farm?

Traditional CCTV systems don’t have alerts – such as motion detection – built in. Videoloft comes with motion detection alerts as standard, enabling farm owners to be instantly notified of security threats as and when they take place.

I have a mix of different camera brands, will Videoloft still work?

Yes. Videoloft is compatible with a wide range of security cameras and recorders, including leading brands such as Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview, Lorex and more. Check out our compatibility page for more information. 

If you need help verifying if your security system is compatible with Videoloft then please contact us.

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