Cloud video surveillance
for medical & elderly care

Videoloft is the perfect cloud video surveillance solution for a hospitals, retirement centres, health centres and other medical facilities. 

Videoloft specialises in cloud-based CCTV solutions that are perfect for medical and healthcare facilities.

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Why is cloud CCTV important for medical & elderly care?

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Hospitals, care homes and other medical facilities can often be complex environments – made up of a number of different buildings, wards or rooms. 

Cloud video surveillance allows medical facilities to keep their patients and staff safe and secure, whilst also providing other key benefits, including:

  • Centralised platform to view footage from all cameras
  • Replace legacy servers & connect IP and analogue systems to one platform
  • Multiple user login and permissions
  • Local live video wall for critical monitored cameras
  • Securely backup footage offsite

The Videoloft platform is compatible with a wide range of camera & recorder brands, and getting started is easy. All you need is the Videoloft Cloud Adapter – the bridging device that will connect your system to the cloud.

Why Videoloft cloud CCTV for medical & elderly care?

Cloud monitoring

Multiple locations & cameras on one platform

Monitor cameras from multiple facilities in one place from the Videoloft mobile app or website. Check in at any time and from anywhere.

Unlimited motion alerts

Unlimited motion activated alerts via email or push notification ensures security events aren’t missed.

Multi-user permissions

Give managers or security personnel read-only or full admin access to all or specific cameras, depending on requirements.

live camera health monitoring

Live camera health monitoring

Get alerts if the security system goes down. Access vital camera health information remotely, with the Videoloft support team on hand for more involved diagnosis.

Real world benefits

Cloud Video Surveillance video analytics videoloft feature

Easily find footage

Use Videoloft’s video analytics and smart search functionality to find footage easily.

cloud video surveillance cheap

Scalable & flexible

Provides affordable and scalable storage. Videoloft is compatible with a wide range of professional security cameras. Choose to keep video for 7, 30, 90 days or more.

Secure & encrypted

Unlike traditional CCTV systems, Videoloft is not vulnerable to theft or damage onsite. Also, cloud does not require port-forwarding which leaves properties' systems vulnerable to cyber attack.

Upgrade your legacy systems with Videoloft

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