Cloud video surveillance
for waste management facilities

Are you looking for offsite cloud CCTV storage tailored for recycling or waste management facilities? Look no further!

Videoloft specializes in cloud-based CCTV solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of waste management companies, ensuring compliance with insurance requirements.

Offsite cloud CCTV for waste management facilities


Compliance made easy

As a waste management company, insurance coverage is non-negotiable. Yet, meeting insurance regulations can present challenges, particularly regarding the storage of your video surveillance footage.

Due to common risks such as fires, many insurers will only cover waste management facilities if their security footage is stored offsite and kept for a predetermined period of time. To meet these requirements and maintain manageable premiums, waste management companies need a reliable offsite CCTV solution.

That’s where Videoloft comes in. Videoloft is a cloud-based Video Management System compatible with hundreds of recorder and camera brands. With Videoloft, storing your CCTV footage offsite is easy, allowing you to meet your insurance requirements with confidence.

Benefits of Videoloft for waste management facilities

Insurance compliance

Insurance compliance

Videoloft allows you to store footage offsite for extended periods of time, enabling you to meet insurance requirements.

Operational benefits

Operational benefits

Access multiple sites remotely from one central platform, get ‘eyes-on’ every step of the recycling process.

HR and safety

HR and safety

Have evidence readily available for any workplace health and safety claims.




Keep expensive machinery and equipment safe from vandals and thieves with motion detection alerts.


Upgrade your legacy system with Videoloft

Trusted by waste management facilities globally

Adopting cloud for compliance with insurance regulations

Find out how NWH Group fulfilled their insurance company’s requirements by using Videoloft.

Waste Management

Streamlining surveillance operations with Videoloft

Find out how one major recycling firm experienced immediate operational benefits after adopting Videoloft. 

A feature-rich, offsite cloud storage solution

8MP resolution

Remote access

Remote access

Multiple viewing options

Multiple viewing

Centralized viewing

Centralized viewing

Cellular networks

Can run on cellular

Remote installation

Multi user permissions


live camera health monitoring

Live camera health monitoring

Scheduling recording & alerts



Two-way audio

Remote control

PTZ controls


cctv analytics


Multi-camera event playback

Customizable live viewing

Multi-camera event playback

We're here to ensure your success

Onboarding manager

Dedicated onboarding manager

Your onboarding manager will provide advice and support, and show you how to make the most of the Videoloft cloud VMS platform.


installation support

Installation support

Our team will guide you through the set up and installation until you’re up and running and happy with how everything is working.

Ongoing training

Ongoing training

We’ll be in touch when we’ve released new features, and provide you with the training you need to make the most of them.

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