What is a Cloud Recording Service for Security Cameras & How Do You Get One For Your Analog or IP Camera?

A cloud recording service takes the recorded footage from your security camera and transports it to the cloud, in some cases stores it there too.  

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How does a cloud recording service work?

A cloud service for your analog or IP camera works by transmitting your video to the cloud. How it does that varies slightly depending on the type of cloud service you’re using. 

Which cameras you can connect to the cloud depends on the cloud service provider? You don’t need to buy a special ‘cloud camera’ and there are many reasons not to! With Videoloft you can connect a multitude of different professional security cameras to the cloud such as Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Uniview, and many more! 

 There are two options for setting up Videoloft, direct to the cloud. 

Direct to cloud specifications

Or, instead of having cloud as your only recording method, you can also back up your local recorder.

You connect any compatible systems to the Videoloft Cloud Adapter which in turn sends the footage to Videoloft’s cloud. Videoloft uses Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud service, and our customers’ footage is stored securely here. 

If you’d like more information check out our blog on how to connect IP cameras to the cloud and also our guides page

When connecting cameras to a cloud service its technology often detects motion, so most people choose to only record events when motion is detected. This is helpful because it means only useful footage is stored which can save you time looking for interesting events as well as bandwidth usage.


Why should I use a security camera cloud service?

There are many reasons to use a cloud recording service for your analog or IP camera:

  • Backup – The number one reason people use a cloud recording service for their security cameras is that it provides a great backup for your footage, as recording on a local recorder you risk your footage being lost through accidental or deliberate damage.
  • Centralized viewing platform – Using a cloud recording service means it’s easy to access your footage from all your different cameras and sites on one platform, usually through an app or the cloud service’s website viewer.
  • Easily share footage – Another reason to use a cloud service is that it makes your footage really easy to share.
  • Upgrades security cameras’ features – Using a cloud service is also great because often their technology enhances your security cameras with new features. How? By connecting your cameras to their software, it allows the cloud services’ features to be enabled on your security system. For example, you can upgrade a security camera by connecting it to Videoloft’s software and you’ll instantly be able to use motion detection zones and video analytics as an optional add on without replacing the hardware.
  • Makes your system proactive – Using a cloud service allows you to set alert conditions and be instantly notified if there is an event unfolding.
  • Scalable and flexible – You can often upgrade to different cloud plans as you need more storage, or add new features to your plan when you like. As Videoloft’s cloud service is compatible with lots of different security cameras brands it means that as your requirements change you can adjust your plan accordingly.
  • Live camera health monitoring – Another reason that people get a cloud storage service for their security cameras is that it provides camera health status alerts. Unlike with traditional recorders where you might be unaware that the system was no longer working, using a cloud service makes sure that you’re alerted if cameras stop recording.


Who uses security camera cloud recording services? 

The answer is a variety of different people and businesses. 

Typically users are businesses, but cloud services are used by the residential market too. 

Businesses often look for a cloud service provider due to for a variety of reasons alongside the benefits outlined above including:

  • Legal requirements – Certain industries, such as cannabis growing and dispensing, have federal or state requirements to store video surveillance footage in the cloud.
  • Multiple sites – Having one centralized platform to view all cameras can be especially useful for businesses with multiple sites, each with their own security systems. Using a cloud service consolidates all these systems into one platform.
  • Remote project managementBeing able to remotely view footage from sites is extremely useful to monitor business operations. You can also upgrade to get enhanced features such as Videoloft’s video analytics technology which means you can be quickly notified when certain objects are detected.

Using a cloud service has many benefits for businesses, particularly construction, restaurants & retail, property management and cannabis facilities.


Which security camera cloud service is right for me?

Choosing your cloud service provider for your security systems isn’t the easiest task. A few things to keep in mind are security, features and price. 

Let’s explore Videoloft’s offering.


Videoloft takes strict security measures, so you can have peace of mind. All Videoloft software runs on the Videoloft Cloud Adapter, meaning that regardless of the camera brand that you use, manufacturers have no access to your footage. No port-forwarding is required with Videoloft and footage is transmitted over encrypted TLS (HTTP) channels. 


Videoloft is a feature-rich cloud service, with features such as resolution of up to 8MP (4K), motion detection and video analytics.

For example, by connecting your cameras to Videoloft you can select motion detection zones and set motion sensitivity accordingly. 

motion detection cloud service











Videoloft also offers video analytics as an additional service which allows you to set specific notifications and easily search for certain objects. 

Object detection feature analytics video











Some other features include timelapse, remote installation, live camera health monitoring and scheduling of recording and alerts.


Videoloft offers great pricing, see our pricing compared to some other cloud providers. To give you an indication of our pricing it starts from $5.19 per camera/month. To find out more get started.

Security professionals who want to offer cloud services to their customers can join the Videoloft partner program to access discounted trade prices. 

How do I demo a cloud service for analog or IP cameras for free? 

Want to demo a cloud service free of charge?

You can, instantly! Just download the free Videoloft Apple or Android App, and tap the ’View demo’ to see the Videoloft cloud service in action using some of our cameras from our HQ! You can also demo Videoloft’s web viewer



Interested in Videoloft for your home or Videoloft for your business? Look no further, choose your cloud plan, and create your account by getting started.

If you are a security professional, learn more about our free partner program for security installers, integrators and dealers. 



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