Cloud Recording & Storage for Uniview security cameras, NVRs and DVRs

Looking for cloud recording for your Uniview security cameras? Need offsite backup for your Uniview NVR or DVR, so searching for a secure cloud storage solution? Look no further – Videoloft is an all-in-one cloud based VMS for your Uniview CCTV that will give you all of the above and also allow you to view live and recorded video from your cameras through a mobile app.


What you’ll need to set up Uniview cloud recording

Uniview cloud storage video surveillance camera appFirstly, let’s briefly go through what you’ll need to set up Uniview cloud recording and storage. 

Besides the Videoloft mobile app, available for  iPhone and Android phones, you’ll only need a bridging device called the Cloud Adapter and a Videoloft account with cloud subscription.

You can set up cloud recording and storage for any Uniview IP camera, NVR or DVR. The Uniview cloud recording setup process only takes a few minutes and you can complete it remotely



Why Videoloft cloud storage for Uniview CCTV? 

You may be wondering why you’d choose Videoloft cloud for your Uniview CCTV. 

In short, Videoloft is so much more than just a Uniview cloud storage solution. It is an all-in-one feature-rich cloud VMS for Uniview, that not only gives you Uniview cloud recording and storage, but also remote access to your Uniview footage and much more!

Read more about specific features of Videoloft below. 


Uniview cloud recording at up to 4k (8MP) resolution

Cloud traditionally caused resolution to be limited to 1080p. In most cases, this meant you still needed an onsite recorder to be able to save higher resolution video locally. 

However, with Videoloft you won’t need to compromise on video quality. It allows cloud recording at up to 4K (8MP) resolution direct from any Uniview camera, or alongside a Uniview NVR or DVR.


Secure offsite cloud storage for Uniview CCTV

There are many reasons why you may want to have cloud storage for your Uniview cameras, NVRs or DVRs.

Maybe you want peace of mind in case your Uniview recorder was to malfunction, get stolen or damaged; or maybe it’s a regulatory requirement. 

Whatever the reason, Videoloft provides secure offsite cloud storage for Uniview CCTV. All video is encrypted and securely stored in the Videoloft cloud, so you can rest assured your footage is safe and there when you need it.

Videoloft will also continually monitor your Uniview CCTV system’s health, ensuring you’re alerted in real time if cameras stop recording for any reason.


Remote access to Uniview CCTV via mobile camera app

With the Videoloft mobile app or PC browser-based web viewer you can access your Uniview cameras from anywhere and at any time. 

Not only are you able to view footage from multiple locations on one platform, you can also give others read-only or full admin access to all or specific Uniview cameras with Videoloft’s multi-user permissions.

Motion detection, smart alerts and configuration of recording and alerting schedules are only some of the remote Uniview controls available to you via Videoloft mobile camera app.


Upgrading a Uniview CCTV system with video analytics 

Finally, Videoloft also allows you to upgrade basic Uniview CCTV systems into intelligent ones with video analytics

Usually, implementing video analytics is very expensive as it requires initial investment into costly equipment. It also very often means you need an expensive VMS system. 

However, Videoloft’s video analytics technology is a game changer! All you need is the Cloud Adapter, which gives you the possibility to use Videoloft’s analytics on any Uniview camera!


Videoloft for your Uniview cloud storage 

In addition to various features and benefits, Videoloft is also a scalable and flexible solution cloud based CCTV solution.

Not only are its cloud storage plans affordable, but it’s also compatible with a wide range of professional security cameras other than Uniview, such as Axis, Dahua or Hikvision.

So, what’s next?

Interested in Videoloft for your home or Videoloft for your business? Look no further, choose your cloud plan, and create your account by getting started.

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