Cloud storage for CCTV towers

Add cloud video surveillance to your CCTV towers and mobile surveillance trailers with Videoloft.

Videoloft backs up all video in a secure offsite cloud and allows remote access to it, from anywhere and at any time.

How does Videoloft work with mobile surveillance trailers?

Mobile CCTV towers are essential for the security of any construction site, vacant property or remote location.

They’re used to securely mount cameras to protect the area they’re in and are perfect if cameras need to be moved around regularly, or are only needed for a limited period of time.

Our cloud video surveillance platform is perfect to use alongside mobile surveillance trailers because it works reliably over cellular and satellite networks. It can also save space on your surveillance tower as footage can be sent straight to the cloud, bypassing local storage altogether.

Why use Videoloft for CCTV Towers?

Videoloft cloud video surveillance security

Recorderless cloud storage with network protection

Save space on the CCTV tower by recording straight to the cloud, or alongside a local recorder. If there’s a network outage, video will be locally stored to the Videoloft Cloud Adapter and uploaded to the cloud when the network is restored.

PIR activated
video recording & alerts*

Add an optional PIR sensor to the Videoloft installation to reduce false alerts caused by bugs, rain or wind. Great for getting accurate and reliable alerts and footage from the CCTV tower to catch the motion that matters the most.

*Hikvision only

Remote PTZ controls

Control onsite PTZ cameras remotely
straight from the Videoloft mobile app.

live camera health monitoring

Monitor camera system's health

Videoloft remotely checks the CCTV tower cameras’ health  and notifies the security professional and the user if footage is no longer being recorded. If problems occur it ensures they are spotted and can be easily diagnosed remotely.

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Additional Videoloft features

  • Remotely access video from anywhere and anytime 
  • Back video up in a secure & encrypted offsite cloud, and protect it against recorder theft, damage or failure
  • Schedule recording & alerts
  • Record up to 4K (8 MP) video to the cloud 
  • Timelapse tool
  • Affordable & flexible
  • And much more…

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