Videoloft’s Dual Network Cloud Adapter – coming soon

You’ve probably heard about the Hikvision and Dahua hardware bans in the USA, and more recently the announcement by the UK Government that security cameras made by Hikvision can no longer be installed in Government buildings.

This announcement has wider repercussions for the security industry as a whole. Industry insiders are seeing a ripple effect, where non-governmental companies are reluctant to install Chinese hardware from manufacturers with Chinese government involvement, or are looking to rip out and replace existing Hikvision and Dahua systems due to security fears.

Videoloft’s Dual Network Cloud Adapter, launching in the first half of 2023, could be a solution for those companies who are concerned about security but don’t want to rip out and replace their existing Hikvision or Dahua system. A Dual Network Cloud Adapter means that cameras can be isolated on an internal network which doesn’t have access to the main network, yet video can still be sent up to the Videoloft cloud. This reduces the security risk, and also helps to balance network load, particularly for large installations.


As well as the clear security and network load improvements, Videoloft’s Dual Network Cloud Adapter also brings other benefits. It includes SSD local storage for greater edge storage capabilities and the ability to schedule when video is sent to the cloud. Not only this, Videoloft’s new hardware is future-proofed for edge analytics.

Full specification details on Videoloft’s Dual Network Cloud Adapter can be found here.