Videoloft Enterprise Cloud CCTV

The easy, secure and affordable way to transform your existing camera system into a powerful, cloud based VMS.

The Videoloft enterprise cloud CCTV solution

The secure and affordable way to transform your existing camera system into a powerful, cloud based VMS.

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Toyota have multiple sites which hold high value items and with that comes challenges regarding the security of the premises.

Having already installed Uniview cameras with local storage, Toyota Tanzania needed a cloud back-up disaster recovery solution which would store their footage remotely, in case their local recorders were damaged or stolen.

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Toyota steering wheel
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Aella Credit

Aella provide an array of financial products to households and businesses. Regulatory requirements state that they must store footage for at least 90 days.

Aella chose Videoloft for their Hikvision cameras. All recorded video is stored in the cloud for 1 year, so Aella can go over-and-above the regulatory requirement.

Case study

FTH Group

FTH Group’s fleet of over 7,000 items includes everything from drills to cement mixers, sanders to scaffolding towers, heavy plant machinery and much more.

With a substantial amount of high value equipment, the risk of theft is high. FTH Group wanted to add cloud back-up to their existing Dahua systems in their depots across the UK, in case their local recorders were stolen or damaged.

Case study
Ormiston Academy

Ormiston Academy

Ormiston Academy’s existing security system was old, and consisted of outdated cameras and recorders from a variety of different brands. 

After rolling out Videoloft, staff at Ormiston Academy were thrilled with the features and functionality of the system, as well as the time-saving benefits of being able to view all cameras in one platform.

Case study

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