Everything You Need to Know About VSaaS

VSaaS video software as a service


VSaaS is a term for video surveillance as a service which is often delivered via the cloud. The provider stores the customer’s video footage in the cloud, rather than on onsite recorders as per traditional CCTV systems. This cloud hosting allows the customer to access and manage their video remotely via the internet.

It might be helpful to compare VSaaS to the more commonly known term Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS is when a business’s service/product is the software they provide, this software is often delivered to the customer via the cloud. Some SaaS examples you’ll likely be familiar with include Google’s G Suite, Slack, Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365. VSaaS works in a similar way, the difference being that the product is video surveillance.

Customers often pay for VSaaS in the same way they pay for SaaS, on a monthly or annual subscription. Also, VSaaS is becoming increasingly popular due to its simplicity, cost efficiency, its value-added services, and its flexible and scalable nature. This blog post will lay out VSaaS benefits for the end user and security professional. 



Benefits for the end user

VSaaS is quickly being adopted in the industry as it offers numerous benefits over traditional onsite DVR / NVR video storage. Below is a summary of the main benefits.


Flexible and scalable: Easy installation via the cloud and a subscription based model means it can be tailored to changing customer requirements: 

    • Easily increase or decrease the number of cameras and the duration of cloud video storage 
    • Compatible with most legacy and new systems


Unlocks advanced features – VSaaS can provide access to features otherwise unavailable to traditional CCTV systems, or that would usually require expensive hardware or VMS licenses. Here are just some of the features that Videoloft provides; 

    • Record up to 4K resolution, either straight to the cloud or alongside a local recorder.
    • Live health monitoring, easily diagnose and fix issues remotely
    • Multi-user permissions
    • Easy access remote viewing – most providers offer app and web-based viewing options
    • Access video from multiple sites all in one place and give others access too 
    • Continuously improving – new features via software updates make systems more secure and future-proofed


Cost saving: Arguably the best reason to adopt VSaaS is that it can be very cost-effective. How?

    • Pay for what you use, tailor your subscription
    • Easy installation – therefore lower labor costs
    • Save on the cost of onsite recorders which are not required when using the Videoloft platform
    • No need to worry about maintenance or upgrade costs of an NVR/DVR

Find out more about specific Videoloft benefits and cloud CCTV pricing. 



Benefits for security professionals  

The benefits of VSaaS don’t stop at the end user. VSaaS can be highly beneficial for security professionals too. Particularly as it allows for the below.

Remote installation: With Videoloft, provided that the CCTV system is on the same network as the Videoloft Cloud Adapter, you can remotely install it. Therefore, this saves you time and money and allows you to continue setting up customers even with Covid-19 restrictions.

Easy problem diagnosis: Given camera management is via the cloud, you can remotely access and diagnose problems, and support your customers. 

Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR): Perhaps the biggest advantage for the security professional of distributing VSaaS is that it adds a recurring monthly revenue (RMR) stream to their business. To expand on this, there is more about RMR below. 



Security professionals can earn RMR from VSaaS

Selling VSaaS should be a top priority for security professionals as it is a good way to earn recurring monthly revenue. In simple terms, recurring monthly revenue means that you’ll receive monthly income for the life of the customer. Even better, this income will grow exponentially as you add new customers to your existing customer base. Gone are the days when you only make money from the customer at the point of installation. If you add cloud into your business model each customer will keep on giving! If you want to read an example of how this works, Read a case study about how one security company uses Videoloft to make RMR

VSaaS RMR model

How you manage these recurring payments depends on your chosen VSaaS provider. With Videoloft, for example, you can choose how to manage payments. You can either manage your own payments; Videoloft invoices you for the trade list price and you bill your customers. Alternatively, Videoloft can manage payments for you; by directly billing your end customers and paying you commission each time a payment is taken.

Videoloft offers incredibly competitive trade list pricing which allows plenty of room to make a margin while remaining competitive. So, find out more about becoming a Videoloft partner or read Videoloft’s case studies to find out more.


VSaaS Summarised

We hope to have answered some of the most pressing questions you may have on VSaaS! Showing that VSaaS has significant benefits for both you and your customer. Especially, how VSaaS allows your customer to unlock new features without paying for new cameras, to easily scale upwards or downwards and how it can save them money. As well as, how it can benefit the installer by enabling remote installations, easy diagnosis of problems and providing RMR.


What’s next?

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