Videoloft for your home

Do you want to add affordable cloud storage and new features to your home security cameras? Connect your home CCTV system to Videoloft to view live and recorded footage from anywhere, use rule based alerting, motion detection, multi-user permissions and more.

Example home cloud storage plans

7 days storage

Per camera / month


  • Record up to 8MP / 4K
  • Cancel anytime

30 days storage

Per camera / month


  • Record up to 8MP / 4K
  • Cancel anytime

Why Videoloft cloud CCTV for your home security cameras?

Cloud security cameras for home

Transform your security

Don’t leave your CCTV footage tucked away waiting only to be used after incidents have already unfolded.

Instead, ensure your home security system is proactive and intelligent with remote video access, instant alerts and a number of other features.

Smart surveillance accessible to anyone.

Key benefits for your home

  • Store up to 8MP (4K) video securely offsite
  • Motion or AI powered alerts 
  • Remotely access live & recorded video via mobile app
  • Easily download & share video with your friends and family
  • Intelligent features such as PTZ & multi-user permissions
Cloud cctv cameras for home
Demo videoloft
Videoloft cloud video surveillance app

Demo Videoloft

Try it for yourself

No need to schedule a demo – just use Videoloft’s ready made demo account to try either the or the Videoloft web viewer or the Videoloft Apple or Android app.

How to get Videoloft cloud CCTV for your home


Check system compatibility

Record directly to the cloud from your security camera or alongside a local recorder.


Get Videoloft cloud CCTV

Choose your cloud storage plan to get started.
30-day free trial and free Cloud Adapter(s).

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