Cloud video surveillance for Firearms Dealers: Stay compliant with new legislation

There is increasing pressure for American states to do more to try to reduce gun violence and help to prevent the illegal sale of firearms. Introducing new legislation is one powerful way they are taking action.

A key part of state legislation focuses on firearms dealers’ responsibilities in the realm of cloud video surveillance, which not only acts as a deterrent against crime but provides valuable evidence to support law enforcement investigations. For this reason, the law dictates that all video footage must be stored for a fixed period of time.

New York has recently implemented a law (New York General Business Law, Article 39-BB) that stipulates firearms dealers must install and maintain a comprehensive video surveillance system, with video footage stored for a minimum of two years.

Laws on video surveillance for licensed firearms dealers vary from state to state across America.

Let’s focus on California as an example of video surveillance legislation being implemented for firearms dealers. In California, the law ‘Senate Bill 1384’ comes into effect on January 1st 2024.

By this date, all licensed firearms dealers must be fully compliant with SB 1384. It dictates that all firearms dealers must maintain a digital video surveillance system that runs continuously, 24 hours a day, recording all the interior views of entrances and exits to their premises, as well as all areas where firearms are on display and at all points of sale.

The surveillance quality must be good enough that you can identify all parties involved in a firearms transaction, and their vehicles, and the surveillance footage recordings must be stored for at least one year, with limited and carefully controlled access to those recordings.

SB 1384 is specific about the quality of compliant surveillance – a frame rate of more than 15 frames per second must be maintained, the date and time must be displayed at all times, there must be a failure notification system in place and all recordings must be stored securely, accessible only by authorized users.

For all interior systems, audio surveillance must be recorded and stored too.

Other states are expected to follow suit with legal requirements for firearms dealers to maintain and store video surveillance for a stated period of time.

Local storage devices have limited capacity, and how much capacity your storage device has will depend on the resolution of your footage and the number of cameras you are recording.

The legal requirements for you to record and store high resolution footage, for a defined period of time, are unlikely to be met by a local storage device. The perfect solution is cloud video surveillance from Videoloft, which provides an unlimited storage alternative.

Another stipulation of this new law is that all licensed dealers will have to report annually to the California Department of Justice, confirming that their systems are in full working order, and they will have to display signs clearly notifying the public about the presence of their digital surveillance system.


Are you ready for the new legislation for Firearms dealers?


Time’s ticking but the good news is that there is a quick, simple and cost-effective way to make sure your business premises are compliant before California’s deadline, and in other states where similar legislation may soon be implemented.

That’s where Videoloft comes in.

Videoloft is a simple, secure and affordable way to centralise your camera footage and transform your surveillance system into a powerful offsite cloud storage facility for your security system.

Each state requires you to keep recorded footage for a certain period of time; currently this can be up to two years and it may be extended in the future. Videoloft gives you the option to store your footage for up to five years.


Benefits of cloud video surveillance for Firearms dealers


Cloud-based video surveillance for firearms dealers provides several key advantages over traditional storage options.

It provides you with unlimited offsite storage, removing the burden of sourcing and managing huge onsite data storage.

It increases your security protection because your data is encrypted and if you choose to record straight to the cloud from your IP cameras there is no local recorders on site that can be tampered with, which could hinder a criminal investigation that a firearms dealer is assisting with.

Videoloft’s multi-user permission functionality enables you to be compliant with legislation that dictates you must limit, and carefully control, access to your video footage. You can choose each individual’s permission level, giving them read-only or full admin access to all cameras or just the ones that you specify, and you can revoke their access at any time.

Storing your video recordings in the cloud means that you can view all your footage centrally, and you can access it remotely, from anywhere in the world at the tap of your mobile device.

Unlike traditional, physical systems, cloud-based systems never go out of date, as they can be instantly upgraded whenever the software is updated.


Cost-effective compatibility


Rather than having to rip out your existing security system and start again, which many firearms dealers would find cost-prohibitive, all you need to do is buy Videoloft’s user-friendly Cloud Adapter to transform your system into a sophisticated cloud video management system. Videoloft is compatible with hundreds of security brands including Hikvision, Dahua, TVT, Reolink and more.

Simply choose the right cloud storage plan for you, sync your cameras and you’re up and running.

You can easily update your plan at any time, to scale up or scale down according to your needs and local regulations, only paying for what you use.


Simple and user-friendly to set up and install


Our Cloud Adapter only takes a few minutes to install, via our website or our mobile app, and needs no network configuration.

Videoloft’s secure, offsite cloud backup encrypts and stores your recorded footage securely and you can find and view all your footage easily, using the Videoloft web viewer or mobile app.

Because our website and our app make it so straightforward for you to look through recordings, it means that if you, as a firearms dealer, need to find particular footage to assist with a law enforcement investigation, you will be able to find it quickly and easily which will take up less of your time and will be appreciated by the investigators.


Network outage backup


When the law requires firearms dealers to prove that your video surveillance system is maintained in reliable working order, and that you need to record footage on a continuous basis, 24/7, Videoloft’s Cloud Adapter provides an invaluable safety net – if your internet connection drops, up to seven days* of video footage can be stored on the Videoloft Cloud Adapter, which is then automatically uploaded to the cloud when the network is restored.

*Based on average utilization across all Videoloft connected cameras. Higher capacity edge storage is available on request.


In summary


Videoloft provides the perfect solution for all licensed firearms dealers who need to install an affordable, robust and comprehensive cloud video surveillance platform.

We will ensure that your business premises are supported reliably, with your video surveillance footage stored securely in the cloud. You will have the peace of mind of being compliant with your state’s law regarding how long you need to store all your video footage for which, depending on where you are, could be up to two years as at the time of writing.

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