How to get a Mobile App for Security Cameras

You’ve got your CCTV cameras set up to protect your business premises, which is improving your security, reducing the risk of break-ins and deterring vandals, to name just a few benefits. Great!

However, installing your cameras is just the first step. You’ll need a flexible and convenient way to manage and monitor your video surveillance that fits into your busy schedule when you’re out and about. This is where Videoloft’s mobile app for security cameras really comes into its own.

Remote monitoring of your CCTV coverage gives you the freedom to effortlessly access your security cameras from anywhere in the world. Whether you’ve got one camera at one location, or thousands of cameras spanning multiple sites, Videoloft’s mobile app for surveillance empowers you to stay connected from wherever you are, accessing your security footage all in one place, seamlessly and securely, in real time.

 With thousands of users worldwide, Videoloft’s security camera app has revolutionised the world of CCTV surveillance monitoring.


Check compatibility


 We have made sure that the Videoloft mobile app for CCTV cameras is highly versatile and customer friendly, by developing it to be compatible with hundreds of IP cameras, NVRs and DVRs including leading brands like Axis, Dahua (including OEMs), Lorex, LTS, Hikvision (including OEMs), TVT and Vivotek.

 The sophisticated technology that we have built into the app’s design means that it couldn’t be simpler to add your cameras to the app. This enables you to view all your CCTV camera footage from your smartphone or tablet.


It’s quick and easy to download and install the Videoloft app


First, you need to order your Videoloft Cloud Adapter and set up your Cloud Plan, which you can do here.

We’ll send out your Cloud Adapter right away, and you can check out our delivery estimates here. Once you’ve created your account and received your Cloud Adapter head over to the Apple or Android app store and search ‘Videoloft: CCTV Camera Viewer’. You’ll see our app pop up in the search results next to our red, black and white brand icon.


Now let’s get your mobile app paired with your security system


 Pairing your Videoloft mobile app with your security system is a simple and straightforward process that only takes five minutes. Make sure that your IP cameras, the Videoloft Cloud Adapter and your smartphone or tablet are all on the same local Wi-Fi network.

 Open the Videoloft mobile app and log in using your credentials.

 Tap ‘Install via Cloud Adapter’ on your mobile device and enter your Cloud ID. Once you’ve entered the Cloud ID you’ll be taken to the installation screen, tap ‘Start Scan’ and the Videoloft app will then discover all cameras and recorders connected to the same network as the Cloud Adapter. Simply select the cameras or recorders you want to connect to the cloud, enter their usernames and passwords and install!


You’re all set up! So, what can you do with your Videoloft mobile app?


We have made the app incredibly easy for you to use its wide range of features.

You can view your cameras’ live stream to watch all your cameras online.

You can also view recorded video events, which are safely stored in the Videoloft cloud for the duration of your cloud recording plan.

You can set up email alerts and push notifications for when motion’s detected, and schedule when you want these to be sent to you. The emails contain an image and the date/time stamp.

This alert feature can also be used to notify you when your cameras are down or back online.

You can search footage by date or time, or even by searching for specific objects detected, like people or cars. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, it’s easy to playback, download and share images and videos by email or by WhatsApp.

The videos are recorded in .mp4, and you can play them on any computer or smartphone using traditional software or apps.

You can control various camera settings by tapping on the settings cog in the top right-hand corner of the app – change the recording resolution, turn on sound (and two-way audio if the camera supports these features) and use PTZ controls (pan, tilt and zoom – adjusting the field of view) for those types of cameras.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection and set detection zones, just by drawing over the screen with your finger.

There is also an option in the app for you to enable or disable video analytics, which describe what is showing in the image and recognising text showing in the image.


To sum up…


The Videoloft mobile app for security cameras is the ultimate solution for remote, high-performing security surveillance.

It’s simple to install, easy to use and it’s cost-effective for every business, big or small, to manage and monitor their security.


Next steps


All the fantastic benefits of this leading mobile app for security cameras are just a click away.

Set up your Videoloft cloud plan here

Download the ‘Videoloft: IP Camera, CCTV App’ for Apple devices here

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