Videoloft ALPR. Coming soon

Intelligent license plate recognition. Detect, recognize and analyze with precision.

Videoloft ALPR. Coming soon

Intelligent license plate recognition. Detect, recognize and analyze with precision.

Transform your surveillance system with automatic number plate recognition

detect and read license plates

Detect and read license plates

Accurate detection of vehicles and plates. Store and access data seamlessly.

Easy search and reporting​

Easy search and reporting

Search for plates and find associated videos. Generate reports of detected plates across time periods and cameras.

Detailed insights​

Detailed insights

Track vehicles in and out of specific locations and get insights into the number of vehicles still present.

Customizable detection areas​

Customizable detection areas

Create ‘regions of interest’ for more accurate detection of plates in a specific location.

Get LPR in 2 ways

ALPR cameras


Connect your existing
ALPR system.

Add your ALPR cameras and recorders to the Videoloft VMS. Bring all of your license plate data together in one centralized platform.

Specialist LPR cameras
Camera manufacturer LPR
No storage limits
Cloud based VMS
Non LPR cameras


No LPR cameras?
No problem!

Our LPR product, powered by Plate Recognizer, seamlessly integrates with most security cameras – adding advanced LPR capabilities.

Non-LPR cameras
High accuracy
Reads plates from over 90 countries

See what you've been missing with Videoloft's ALPR

Yosemite National Park

"Quote from Yosemite"
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park

Improved vehicle monitoring for highway and parking management

Our automatic license plate recognition is designed to suit a variety of use cases, including:

Gate LPR

Ideal for car park management, this solution can monitor vehicles at entry and exit points and provide real-time data on the number of vehicles in the car park at any given time.

Highway ALPR

Perfect for detecting the license plates of moving vehicles, this solution reads license plates ‘on the go’. Users can easily search for license plates and access any related video.

Help us train our model and get free access to our ALPR product for 6 months

Our team is working tirelessly to release Videoloft ALPR, now we need your help!

By helping us train our model you’ll contribute to a quicker release and, in return, receive 6 months free access to Videoloft ALPR. 

If you have a project that needs LPR then get in touch using the form below.

Train a LPR model


What is ALPR software?

ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) software is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to read license plates of both moving and stationary vehicles.

It captures an image of the license plate and processes it to identify the characters on the plate. Videoloft’s ALPR software is powered by Plate Recognizer and can detect plates under most conditions – including low light, poor weather, and different angles.

ALPR software is most commonly used for security, parking management and traffic monitoring.

How much does automatic number plate recognition cost?

The cost of automatic number plate recognition can vary widely depending on several factors including the provider, the features and the number of cameras.

Contact us with your requirements to get a detailed quote.

Can I add ALPR to my existing camera?

Yes, with Videoloft, you don’t need a specialist ANPR camera to start reading license plates as it can be added on to any compatible CCTV camera – no matter how basic! This means you can transform a basic security system into a powerful license plate recognition tool, without the need for expensive new hardware.

Is ALPR available in my country?

Our ALPR software is powered by Plate Recognizer and their engine supports over 90 countries across 6 continents!

Can I use Videoloft as a license plate lookup system?

Yes! If you already use Videoloft and you want to add on license plate lookup then simply get in touch and let us know your requirements.

Similarly, if you’re new to Videoloft and want to find out more about how cloud CCTV and license plate recognition can enhance your security operations then fill in our quick contact form, or give us a call.

For more information or to get involved training our model, contact us directly or fill in your details using our quick form and a representative of our global sales team will be in touch. | Toll-free: (855) 737-0237  |  +44 203 9870133

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