Neural Networks to Power the Future of Security Industry AI

Videoloft’s newly released analytics feature is based on the pioneering use of neural networks, a revolutionary machine learning technique set to change the way analytics are provided throughout the security industry. They aim to make neural network technologies accessible to the whole industry through their cloud CCTV platform. 

Videoloft engineers are already developing their next groundbreaking neural network – it is learning to detect when a spider web is covering a camera, causing false positive motion alerts. It will soon be able to alert users who have spider webs, and in future versions Videoloft will be able to remove the false positives entirely. This is a frequent and irritating problem that any security professional or end user will have experienced!

Neural Networks AI Video Analytics spider web neural net

Neural networks are based on the structures of the human brain that deal with vision and interpret images. By mimicking the way a human brain works, they can read information, learn from it and then predict the outputs of other similar information. 

“Neural Networks have the ability to go above and beyond more common and traditional AI tools” explained James West, Videoloft CEO & Co-Founder, “The most recent dramatic AI advancements have been based on neural networks, yet we haven’t seen much adoption within the security industry.”

As a software platform, Videoloft is uniquely positioned to make neural network powered analytics available to the whole security industry. Videoloft can add established neural network modules via remote software updates. Their customers won’t need to buy expensive hardware to get impressive functionality, that’s the beauty of intelligent software. 

Videoloft is calling for volunteers to help train their neural network – they’ve asked their global network of partners to give them access to cameras which are outdoors and covered in spiderwebs. The more spiderwebs it sees, the quicker their new neural network will learn! If you want to help train the future brain of the security industry, contact them at To say thank you, Videoloft will send you a free Cloud Adapter to use on your next cloud installation.