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Our latest new releases

Virtual Cloud Adapter

Introducing the Virtual Cloud Adapter

Quick, easy and hassle free our Virtual Cloud Adapter will allow you to add cloud to your security system within minutes.

  • Instant download to your Linux hardware
  • No additional hardware on site
  • Free technical support

Currently available for Linux machines, the Virtual Cloud Adapter can support up to 64 compatible camera or recorder channels.

Azure & Apple Sign Sign On (SSO)

SSO is more and more frequently being used to improve security, and save time.

Our latest new feature means you can convert your Videoloft account to SSO using your Microsoft Azure account or your Apple ID, giving you a frictionless login experience!

Event playback for multiple cameras is here

Event playback just got better… with our latest feature you can playback any event across multiple cameras at the same time!

To try it for yourself just choose the date and time of the event you’d like to view, and then select the cameras you’d like to view it on.

New features coming soon

We understand it’s not always convenient to set up your Cloud Adapter via the Videoloft mobile app.

This feature will allow you to set up and install Videoloft using a web browser, making it easier than ever to get set up sending your footage to the cloud.

Our Dual Network Cloud Adapter means that cameras can be isolated on an internal network which doesn’t have access to the main network, yet video can still be sent up to the Videoloft cloud. This reduces the security risk, and also helps to balance network load, particularly for large installations.

With our latest upcoming feature release you’ll always be at the heart of the action. You can choose a sequence of cameras that you’d like to view the live streams for, as well as choosing how the live streams are laid out on your monitor.

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