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Our latest new releases

High res live stream

Live action - now in high res

We understand it can often be frustrating trying to view your live stream if the quality is low. Our latest feature means you’ll never miss a piece of the action. 

Your camera live stream can now match the resolution of your recorded video, meaning it can be as high as 8MP/4K!

Share your cameras with multiple people

Sharing is caring, right? Our latest update allows you to share camera access with an unlimited number of additional users.

There are no additional user fees, and no limits on the number of users you can invite. Best of all, you have complete control over what cameras they see, and what permissions they have.

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Camera sharing
Camera groups and tags

Tag and group your cameras for faster access

We know that some cameras are more important to you than others; these may be cameras recording entrances and exits or other sensitive areas.

This is where our two latest new features come in – you can now group and tag your cameras so you have quick access to them.

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New features coming soon

SSO is more and more frequently being used to improve security, and save time. Our upcoming new feature will allow you to convert your Videoloft account to SSO using your Microsoft Azure account or your Apple ID, giving you a frictionless login experience!

Often you want to see what’s happened across multiple cameras during the same time period. With this new feature you’ll be able to select a time period and a subset of cameras, then simultaneously playback footage from all cameras at once.

We understand it’s not always convenient to set up your Cloud Adapter via the Videoloft mobile app. This feature will enable you to set up and install Videoloft using a web browser, making it easier than ever to start recording your footage to the cloud.

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