What's new at Videoloft

Check out our latest feature releases, and find out what we’re rolling out soon!

Our latest releases

Camera navigation and playback

Improved camera navigation and playback tool

Each Cloud Adapter now forms a collection of cameras which you can rename and merge with others. 

Additionally, we’ve enhanced our web VMS playback tool – you can control playback speed, download clips up to 1 hour long, capture snapshots, and visually identify motion detection areas for quick analysis.

To check out both features login to your Videoloft account in a web browser and go to ‘Playback’. We’d love to know what you think!

Camera discovery

Improved camera discovery

We’ve upgraded our camera and recorder discovery process by increasing the length of time we scan your network. This means cameras are more likely to be automatically detected on your network during the initial discovery process, reducing the need for manual IP-based additions and simplifying the setup process.

Zoom and pan

New zoom and pan functionality, plus dewarp for fisheye cameras

Say goodbye to distorted views and hello to clarity with our new zoom and pan functionality, plus dewarp for fisheye cameras – both now released on the web!

Zoom in and pan around live video streams and recorded video events with ease. This, coupled with our dewarp for fisheye cameras means you’ll never miss a piece of the action.

Whether you’re monitoring a large area or focusing on specific details, these features allow you to have greater control and visibility ensuring you’ll never miss a moment.

Releasing soon


Audio on live feeds

You’ll soon be able to hear audio on your live video feeds via the Videoloft web VMS.

This new feature will let you stay even more connected and aware of what’s going on in your business, improving your security operations.

Direct integration with Uniview

Direct integration with Uniview

We’ll soon be fully compatible with Uniview cameras and recorders.


By compressing files without compromising quality, we save storage space and reduce bandwidth usage.

New UI

New look design

Our fresh new look is coming soon. Watch this space for more updates!


This update will mean you can change your camera settings directly via the Videoloft website. This update provides greater flexibility and an easier way to update your settings.

We’re doing lots of work to improve the accuracy of our person and moving vehicle detection. We’re also working hard to reduce how much it costs us to run, with the aim of including it as standard for every Videoloft camera! We’re hoping to remove the upgrade fees for person and moving vehicle detection in the coming months and turn it on for all customers.

We’re working on improving your fisheye camera viewing experience even more! Keep an eye out for upcoming features, including downloadable dewarped videos and the option to view individual camera perspectives.

We’re developing a traffic light system that will display the health status of all devices linked to Videoloft.

Additionally, we’ll provide troubleshooting advice to so any problems can be quickly diagnosed and fixed.

There’s lots of work in progress to make our motion detection algorithm more accurate. This includes moving to a system that uses different motion detection models for Indoor vs Outdoor cameras, and using person detection to continue recording when a person is present even if motion has stopped.

Scheduled uploads are coming to our Cloud Adapter Enterprise, which means you can choose when your video is uploaded to the cloud.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is coming soon, adding an additional layer of security to your Videoloft account.

We’re working on licence plate recognition, and currently testing various methods with some major US beta customers. These methods include reading the plates with our own neural nets, using third party specialist systems and taking the plate information directly from the specific ANPR/LPR cameras.

By accurately counting objects such as people, vehicles, or other specified items Videoloft can provide useful insights and improve operational efficiency and security. Object counting insights can help support decision making, leading to a more efficient use of resources.

We’re developing a PPE detection model to identify if people are wearing safety gear such as hard hats, hi-vis, safety glasses and boots. It allows easy search and alerting for non-compliance.

Detect and alert when a defined boundary line is crossed. Perfect for monitoring restricted areas.

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