Cloud Adapter Enterprise

Our most powerful Cloud Adapter yet.

The Cloud Adapter Enterprise is a fast, reliable and robust rack mounted solution and is designed to securely and seamlessly connect your security system to the Videoloft cloud.

  • 1TB SSD storage stores video locally if the network connection is lost.
  • Dual network interface allows cameras to be isolated from the wider internet.
  • Rack mounted for easy installation into server cabinets.

The Cloud Adapter Enterprise can support up to 64 compatible camera or recorder channels, and will transform your security system into a powerful cloud-based VMS.

What does the Cloud Adapter Enterprise do?

Adds cloud to legacy & new installs

Broad compatibility gives you flexibility when selecting the right hardware.

Dual network for additional security

The dual network capabilities means you can isolate your cameras from the wider internet.

Stores video in case of network outage

With a 1TB SSD, video can be stored on the Cloud Adapter until your connection is restored.

Can be installed easily & remotely

No network configuration or port forwarding is required, simply connect to the local network.

Isolate your cameras from the wider internet

Videoloft’s Cloud Adapter Enterprise offers the perfect solution for companies that prioritize the protection of their video footage, particularly in light of the recent worries surrounding Hikvision and Dahua cameras. 

The dual network capabilities of the Cloud Adapter Enterprise means that your cameras can be isolated on an internal network which doesn’t have access to the main network, yet video can still be sent up to the Videoloft cloud.

This reduces the security risk, and also helps to balance network load, particularly for large installations.

Set up and installation guide

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