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Centralized viewing

Centralized viewing


8MP resolution

Remote access

Remote access

Multiple viewing options

Multiple viewing

Remote installation

Multi user permissions


live camera health monitoring

Live camera health monitoring

Scheduling recording & alerts



Two-way audio

Remote control

PTZ controls


Multi-camera event playback

cctv analytics


Cellular networks

Runs on cellular networks

Customizable live viewing

Customizable live viewing

8MP resolution

Cloud traditionally caused resolution to be limited to 2MP. In most cases, this meant an onsite recorder was still needed in order to save higher resolution video locally.

With the Videoloft Cloud Adapter, record up to 8MP video either alongside a recorder or straight to the cloud!

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Remote access

Effortlessly access your cameras from anywhere using the Videoloft mobile app and web-based VMS. Additionally, you also have the flexibility to monitor camera live feeds on a local display for added convenience. 

No matter if you have a single camera at one location or thousands of cameras spanning multiple sites, Videoloft empowers you to access your security footage seamlessly and securely, ensuring you stay connected whenever and wherever you need it.

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Multiple viewing options

View your footage in a variety of ways:

  • Live camera feeds on a local display
  • Live & recorded footage on Videoloft’s Apple & Android apps
  • Live & recorded footage on Videoloft’s web-based browser

Can reliably run on 4G/5G networks

With other systems it can be difficult to run cameras off cellular networks because port forwarding is needed. Videoloft doesn’t require port forwarding so can run reliably on cellular networks. 

Provided the Cloud Adapter is connected to a router with an ethernet cable, you can run your cameras on a 4G/5G modem or router and record directly to the cloud. Videoloft’s dynamic frame rate, bit rate and resolution adjustment ensure all recorded video is sent to the cloud, even in poor network conditions.

Cloud storage for 4G cameras
Centralized Viewing

Centralized viewing

Videoloft provides a single, unified platform where you can view all your cameras from different locations in real-time. This centralized monitoring makes it convenient and efficient to keep an eye on your property or assets.

Use Videoloft to connect cameras from multiple locations, making it ideal for businesses with multiple branches or properties. You can manage and monitor cameras from different sites without needing to switch between different systems.

Customizable live viewing

At Videoloft we understand the importance of simplicity and control when it comes to your security needs. 

Our cloud based Video Management System offers a seamless and customized live viewing experience, including ‘Presentation Mode’ for full-screen focus, ‘Layouts’ so you can adapt how your live feeds are displayed, and ‘Grid View’ for quick, multi-camera monitoring.

Experience video surveillance on your terms with Videoloft’s cloud based VMS.

Customizable live viewing
Remote installation

Remote install

Installing video surveillance can be complex and usually requires security professionals to be onsite.

Install Videoloft cloud from anywhere via the Videoloft mobile app or website. The Videoloft Cloud Adapter just needs to be connected to the same network as the cameras or recorders.

Replace your local recorder, or add cloud backup

Videoloft removes the need for a local recorder – simplifying the installation, saving space on-site and removing the risk of your recorder being damaged or tampered with.

Alternatively, you may still want to keep your NVR/DVR and back-up your recorder to the cloud. It takes minutes to set up – all you need to do is connect the Videoloft Cloud Adapter to the same network as your recorder.

Compatible brands
Replace your NVR

Event playback

View any motion detection event that occurred across multiple cameras, simultaneously.

This is a game-changer for anyone who wants to quickly and easily review security footage and means you no longer have to view each cameras footage separately.


Video analytics can make your CCTV system even smarter.

Available as an add-on feature, Videoloft’s analytics solution can detect a variety of objects, including people and vehicles. 

Our analytics solution is designed to make it easier to find important events.

Video analytics
Scheduling alerts

Scheduling alerts & recording

With Videoloft you can schedule when cameras record and when alerts are received. Configure the schedules for specific cameras and/or time periods.

Only want cameras to record outside of business hours? Or only want alerts when no security personnel are working? No problem.

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Multi-user permissions

With traditional CCTV systems, sharing video access with others often required physical access to the recorder.

Videoloft enables you to give relevant stakeholders read-only or full admin access to all or specific cameras, depending on your requirements.

Security sharing really is caring.

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Two-way audio

Two-way audio allows for proactive and improved security, and enables real time live audio challenge to help deter or disperse unwanted visitors from the monitored site.

Compatibility: Videoloft’s two-way audio will work on all Hikvision cameras that have microphone/speaker functionality. Broader brand compatibility coming soon!

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Camera health monitoring

Live camera health monitoring

Videoloft continually monitors the security systems’ health and sends real time alerts to the user and their security professional if a camera goes offline.

Easily access vital camera health information remotely from the Videoloft portal, with the Videoloft support team on hand for more involved diagnosis.

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PTZ controls

If you have a PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera, you can use the PTZ functionality straight from the Videoloft app.

Pan and tilt your cameras to the required positions, and zoom in or out of the live video images.

Compatibility: PTZ functionality won’t work on cameras connected to Videoloft via a Vivotek recorder.

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PTZ Controls

Remote camera control

Remotely control your cameras via the Videoloft mobile app. Set up motion detection zones and adjust camera sensitivity.

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Creating project timelapses often requires expensive specialist cameras and/or software.

Videoloft allows you to track project progress with a day-to-day timelapse video. Easily share it with relevant people.


Compatibility: Timelapse functionality won’t work on cameras connected to Videoloft via a Vivotek recorder. 

Videoloft features FAQs

How can I share my camera footage with other users? Is this possible?

There are several ways you can share your footage with other users. You can either share a motion detection event directly, by navigating to the event and choosing the ‘share’ option. Or alternatively you can choose to share all your camera’s footage by adding someone as an additional user and setting their permissions e.g. view only or admin. This flexibility not only makes the sharing process easier, but also provides you with greater control over who has access to your video footage.

Can I view live and recorded video with motion bookmarks?

Yes, every motion detection event is recorded as an individual clip and saved in the cloud. You can browse motion detection events based on time and date stamp, camera name or object detected. This not only ensures organized and accessible event tracking, but also allows for the quick retrieval of specific footage.

Can I get an SMS text in near real-time when something has been uploaded?

We don’t support SMS texts, but instead use push notifications direct to your phone when motion is detected. When setting up your camera, you can choose to receive alerts for motion detection. You have the freedom to decide when and how you receive these alerts – whether through email, push notification or both. This straightforward customization ensures you get notifications tailored to your preferences.

Is it possible to have only cameras, an adapter and a POE switch - so no NVR?

Absolutely! Videoloft can connect compatible IP cameras to the cloud – completely removing the need for an onsite NVR or DVR. All you need to get started is a Videoloft Cloud Adapter and a cloud subscription plan.

How secure is cloud CCTV?

A common concern about storing video in the cloud is that it isn’t secure, but actually cloud based CCTV is inherently more secure than local storage.


One of the main reasons people look for a cloud based solution is because they’ve been let down by their local storage, either by tampering, theft, fire or flood. Not only are local recorders vulnerable to damage and theft, they also need regular firmware updates and without them, they can be insecure.


So, in terms of security, what are the benefits of using Videoloft as your cloud video surveillance provider?


  • Videoloft is powered by a small bridging device known as a Cloud Adapter. The NDAA compliant Cloud Adapters are assembled in the UK and add a software interface between the local cameras/recorders and the internet.
  • We push software updates to every Videoloft Cloud Adapter on a weekly basis, so you don’t need to worry about updating them yourself.
  • They can be installed remotely, and no port forwarding is required.
  • All video is transmitted to the Videoloft cloud over encrypted HTTPS channels, it’s then stored in the cloud using 256-bit encryption. When someone views the video, it’s sent to the viewing device again over encrypted HTTPS (the same technology used in internet banking!)
  • Videoloft footage is hosted on AWS – trusted by thousands of major global brands. They maintain stringent security standards including ISO27001, SOC 2 and SAS 70.

Does Videoloft work over 4G?

At Videoloft we understand that many sites may not have the infrastructure to support an internet connection.

With other systems it can be difficult to run cameras off cellular networks because port forwarding is needed. Videoloft doesn’t require port forwarding so can run reliably on cellular networks. Provided the Cloud Adapter is connected to a router with an ethernet cable, you can run your cameras on a 4G/5G modem or router and record directly to the cloud. Videoloft also has network outage protection – so if the network fails, video is stored locally on the Cloud Adapter and uploaded to the cloud once network is restored.

If I’m running an 8MP camera, and only want the cloud to store video in 4MP - is that possible?

Yes, many customers choose to use an 8MP camera but store footage in the cloud at a lower resolution. This popular choice reduces your cloud storage cost and your bandwidth needs.

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