Remote Video Surveillance

With Videoloft, accessing your security cameras remotely has never been easier. Stay connected and in control no matter where you are…

Remote Video Surveillance

With Videoloft, accessing your security cameras remotely has never been easier. Stay connected and in control no matter where you are…

Remotely access your security cameras anytime, anywhere.

Video analytics

Videoloft is a cloud-based Video Management System that allows users to access new or existing security systems remotely.

With our cutting-edge technology, users can effortlessly access their cameras from anywhere using the convenient Videoloft mobile app and web-based VMS. Additionally, users have the flexibility to monitor camera live feeds on a local display for added convenience. 

No matter if you have a single camera at one location or thousands of cameras spanning multiple sites, Videoloft empowers you to access your security footage seamlessly and securely, ensuring you stay connected whenever and wherever you need it.

How to access your cameras remotely with Videoloft

Use our website to create your cloud plan - choose camera count, resolution, and cloud storage duration.

Step 1

We'll send you a Cloud Adapter. It takes just minutes to install via our website, or mobile app. Just plug and play!

Step 2

Remotely view your camera's live streams and recorded footage 24/7 using the Videoloft web viewer, or mobile app.

Step 3

Remote Video Monitoring with Videoloft

Features to look for in a remote video surveillance system

Remote viewing options

Videoloft offers several remote viewing options, including a mobile app and web-based VMS, enabling you to access live camera feeds and recorded footage remotely.

Real time alerts

Get real time notification alerts straight to your mobile phone when motion events are detected.



Cloud storage

Cloud storage/backup means that your footage is safely backed up and accessible, even if local hardware fails.



With Videoloft you can easily add additional cameras and sites as your security requirements grow.



Remote video surveillance FAQs

What is remote video surveillance?

Remote video surveillance, or remote video monitoring, is the capability to view and manage your security cameras from afar. Having remote access to security footage has become increasingly popular in recent years in both residential and commercial applications due to its numerous benefits including improved security, and peace of mind.

By having remote access to security cameras, users are able to respond promptly to potential security threats and monitor their property in real-time, even if they’re physically away from their devices.

Is having remote access to my surveillance system secure?

At Videoloft we have strict security protocols in place to ensure all video data is safe and secure. Videoloft is powered by a small bridging device called a Cloud Adapter. The NDAA compliant device is assembled in the UK and adds a software interface between the local cameras/recorders and the internet. The Cloud Adapter can be installed remotely and no port forwarding is required. 

Not only this, all video is transmitted to the Videoloft cloud over encrypted HTTPS channels, it’s then store in the cloud using 256-bit encryption. When a user views their video, it’s sent to the viewing device again encrypted HTTPS (the same technology used in internet banking!)

How can I remotely access my NVR or DVR from the internet?

If you’re using a compatible NVR or DVR then you can use Videoloft to backup your local storage to the cloud, and use the mobile app or web-based VMS to access this footage remotely.

Our full compatibility list can be found here.

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