Video analytics

Video Analytics Beta Free Trial
With a Videoloft Cloud Adapter and our video analytics feature you can upgrade basic CCTV systems to intelligent ones without needing expensive cameras, recorders or enterprise video management systems.

Free BETA trial* available for all Videoloft partners and their customers.

*Free trial available during BETA phase. Will be available as an add-on feature at a later date.

What it does

Video Object Detection

Object detection

Detects hundreds of object types. For example, people, vehicles, machinery, clothing, safety equipment and wildlife.

Smart alerts

Build personalized alert rules and receive alerts when specific objects are detected by your cameras.

Video Analytics Smart Search

Smart search

Filter by date and/or object. Helps you find specific video events without scrolling through hours of footage.

Object detection

Video analytics tool identifies hundreds of object types, even when visibility is limited.

Smart alerts

Advanced video analytics technology allows building of customizable alerts.

Smart search

Cutting-edge AI powered search feature enhances event search options.

Real world applications

In some jurisdictions, data such as licence plate information may be covered by privacy laws. You may, for example, need to take action such as displaying a notice to tell people that number plates may be captured. Privacy laws differ across jurisdictions so please consult local legislation.

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