Videoloft Order Cam

Reduce missing item claims and improve customer satisfaction with the Videoloft Order Cam!

Be sure that every item is delivered, as ordered.

How it works

Button activated camera photographs each order and receipt prior to packing and delivery

Step 1

Image is sent to the Videoloft Cloud, where text recognition technology reads the receipt number

Step 2

If a customer complains about a missing item, the evidence is available to validate their claim

Step 3

Why our customers love the Videoloft Order Cam

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Dispute refund demands from delivery platforms

Refund demands for missing items can be very costly, so proving that orders are complete before they leave the restaurant is essential.

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Reduce staff mistakes when packing orders

 If staff have to photograph each order they put together, they’re more likely to ensure that the order is correct – reducing staff error and improving productivity.

Happy customer icon

Happier customers who are more likely to return

When customers receive exactly what they’ve ordered they’re more likely to return and leave positive reviews. Leading to increased custom.

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Videoloft Order Cam FAQs

For each kitchen you’ll be provided with the following equipment:

  • Camera box with button attachment which can be shelf or wall mounted with industrial strength Velcro (included)
  • Network box, containing everything you need to connect the camera to your internet network.

You’ll also receive ethernet cables of varying lengths, you’ll need one to connect to the network box to the internet and another to connect the network box to the camera box.

It’s simple to set up, following the instructions in our installation guide

All you need to do to photograph an order is to lay everything out underneath the camera - ensuring that all items and the receipt number are clearly shown - and press the red button!

To view your orders, log into - you can search by order number, date/time or status. If an order is disputed you can easily download the photo to use as evidence.

Yes, if an order is disputed by a customer you can set its status to ‘Under dispute’ and add notes. You can then later change the status to ‘Dispute won’ or ‘Dispute lost’.

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