Video Management System

Connect your new or existing security system to the Videoloft cloud and transform it into a cloud-based VMS. 

  • Unlimited sites and cameras
  • Secure offsite backup
  • Unlimited users

Choose your cloud plan and get a 30-day free trial and free global shipping.

Video Management System

Connect your new or existing security system to the Videoloft cloud and transform it into a cloud-based VMS.

Choose your cloud plan and get a 30-day free trial!

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Upgrade your video surveillance system to a cloud based VMS

From one site to thousands, we've got you covered


Our lightweight Video Management System (VMS), allows you to control the recording, storing, access and management of your security footage from one centralised location.

  • View cameras from multiple locations in one platform
  • No licence fees for additional users
  • Web browser based, with an app for access ‘on the go’!
  • Remotely control camera settings, including PTZ controls

All you need to get started is the Videoloft Cloud Adapter; a small bridging device that transforms your security system into a cloud-based VMS.

Say hello to the Cloud Adapter Enterprise

Adds sophisticated cloud VMS features to legacy and new security systems.

Cloud Adapter Enterprise
64 cameras

Up to 64 cameras

Supports up to 64 compatible camera and recorder channels. Larger capacity coming soon.

Dual Network

Dual network

Dual network interface allows cameras to be isolated from the wider internet.

Onboard Storage

Onboard storage

1TB SSD storage as standard, stores video locally if network connection is lost.

Minutes to set up

Rack mounted for easy installation into server cabinets, takes minutes to install.

What is a Video Management System?

Benefits of a cloud Video Management System

Access multi-location footage in one place

View surveillance videos from multiple cameras and multiple locations, in one central platform.

Cloud video surveillancemultiuser permissions videoloft feature

Multi user access & permissions

Give relevant stakeholders read-only or full admin access to all or specific cameras.

Adds cloud to legacy & new installs

Broad compatibility gives you flexibility when selecting the right hardware.

Remote control

Control camera settings remotely

Remotely control your cameras, set up motion detection zones and adjust camera sensitivity.

A feature rich, cloud backup solution

8MP resolution

Remote access

Remote access

Centralized viewing

Centralized viewing

Multiple viewing options

Multiple viewing

Remote installation

Multi user permissions


live camera health monitoring

Live camera health monitoring

Scheduling recording & alerts



Two-way audio

Remote control

PTZ controls


cctv analytics


Multi-camera event playback

Customizable live viewing

Customizable live viewing

Cellular networks

Works on cellular networks

Replace an existing VMS

We’re frequently seeing more and more customers make the switch to Videoloft from other VMS providers such as Milestone, Genetec, Eagle Eye Networks and Verkada.

Videoloft is a simple, yet powerful cloud Video Management System, with all the features you need at a fraction of the cost of other providers. 

We charge on a per camera basis, rather than a per user basis – which means you can have as many extra users as you need, without any additional costs.

VMS compatible brands

Cloud VMS FAQs

How does a cloud CCTV Video Management System work?

A cloud-based CCTV VMS works by collecting video footage from cameras on the same network. It then stores these videos in the cloud, for a predetermined period of time. When the footage needs to be accessed, the CCTV VMS provides a platform for viewing surveillance videos from multiple cameras and multiple locations, in one central platform – bringing their footage together in one place. The full VMS feature list can be found here.

Is the Videoloft VMS suitable as an Enterprise Video Management System?

The Videoloft VMS is perfect for enterprise companies, particularly because it allows users to view cameras from multiple locations in one place. Moreover, we don’t charge any per-user licence fees which means enterprise businesses can add an unlimited number of users to the system at no extra cost.

How much does a Video Management System cost?

For end-users, the Videoloft VMS starts from just $7.89/£7.49 per camera, per month. We also offer discounted rates for our partners, which can be up to 8 – 10 times cheaper than other Video Management System providers.

Can I add Video Management Software to my existing security system?

Yes, that’s the beauty of our platform – we’re compatible with leading camera brands, including Hikvision, Axis, Uniview, Dahua and many more. Adding the Videoloft cloud platform to your existing install will instantly upgrade legacy systems, transforming them into an intelligent, cloud-based VMS.

What do I need to get a Video Management System?

You’ll need a Cloud Adapter; this is a bridging device that connects your existing security system to Videoloft’s cloud platform. The Cloud Adapter is available in 8 or 16 channel versions, and there’s an 80 channel 19” rack mounted solution for larger installations and includes:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Free support

Cloud VMS for every industry

Explore how Videoloft’s cloud VMS is applied in different industries and applications across the world.


Monitor cameras from multiple locations in one place and ensure your footage is always there when you need it using Videoloft.


Stay within budget with affordable and scalable cloud CCTV storage. Store video in the Videoloft cloud for 7, 30, 90 days or more.


Cloud video surveillance allows retailers to keep their stores safe and secure, whilst also providing other key benefits.


Monitor cameras from multiple facilities in one place from the Videoloft mobile app or website. Check in at any time and from anywhere.

Whatever you need, we've got you covered

Free Proof of Concept

Assess the value Videoloft brings to your business without committing to a full implementation upfront. It’s a risk-free way to explore the benefits.


If you need assistance setting up Videoloft we have different packages available, tailored to your needs. Contact us directly for more information.

Ongoing training

We're here to help! Our specialist onboarding team offers continuous training and support to help you fully leverage the advantages of Videoloft.

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