Virtual Cloud Adapter

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Upgrade your security system in minutes.

Quick, easy and hassle free our Virtual Cloud Adapter will allow you to add cloud to your existing security system within minutes.

  • Instant download to your Linux hardware
  • No additional hardware on site
  • Free technical support

Currently available for Linux machines, the Virtual Cloud Adapter can support up to 64 compatible camera or recorder channels, and will transform your security system into a powerful cloud-based VMS.

How it works

Download the Videoloft software onto your Linux machine
Step 1
Use the Videoloft mobile app & connect your security system to the Videoloft cloud
Step 2
View your camera live feeds and recorded video events from anywhere, any time
Step 3

What does the Virtual Cloud Adapter do?

Adds cloud to legacy & new installs

Broad compatibility gives you flexibility when selecting the right hardware.

Provides extra layer of security

256-bit encryption & TLS (HTTPS) channels ensure video is secure in transport and at rest.

Stores video in case of network outage

Video locally stored to the Cloud Adapter and uploaded to the cloud when the network is restored.

Can be installed easily & remotely

No network configuration or port forwarding is required, simply connect to the local network.

Virtual Cloud Adapter set up and installation tutorial

Virtual Cloud Adapter FAQs

What are the hardware requirements for the Virtual Cloud Adapter?

Ensure the hardware you plan to use the Virtual Cloud Adapter on meets the following requirements:

  • Modern Debian based Linux
  • 64-bit Intel/AMD CPU, with performance of at least a 10th generation i3 or better
  • SSD of at least SATA III performance interface (500GB SSD recommended to support 64 cameras in case of network outage)
  • 16GB of RAM recommended for 64 camera installs

The Virtual Cloud Adapter is free to download, so we always recommend testing it on your hardware first. More details can be found in our installation guide.

Does the Virtual Cloud Adapter work on Linux based NVRs as well as Linux based PCs?

We have designed and tested the Virtual Cloud Adapter on Linux based PC platforms. It is quite possible that an NVR with an Intel processor and a Debian based Linux could work but we haven’t tested it.

Are there any licence fees to pay for the software?

It’s completely free to download and run the Virtual Cloud Adapter on your own machine. However, you’ll need to pay a subscription for your cloud plan – this depends on the number of cameras you want to record to the cloud, the resolution, and the cloud storage duration.

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