Reolink NVR cloud backup

Add cloud backup to your Reolink NVR and keep your footage safe and secure.

Reolink NVR cloud backup

Add cloud backup to your Reolink NVR and keep your footage safe and secure.

Peace of mind with Reolink NVR cloud backup

Reolink NVR cloud backup

Reolink NVRs (Network Video Recorders) are used for storing surveillance footage from Reolink CCTV cameras.

Reolink NVRs offer various features and capabilities, including high-definition video recording and support for different video compression formats (such as H.264 and H.265)

Nevertheless, they’re not without their limitations. If the NVR itself fails or experiences technical issues, it can lead to a complete loss of video recording, as well as this they’re also inflexible when it comes to expansion capabilities.

This is where Videoloft comes in. Choose to record straight to the cloud, or add cloud back-up and remove your local Reolink recorder completely.

Your Reolink cloud storage set up options

  1. Add cloud backup to your Reolink NVR
backup recorder to cloud

2. Or record from Reolink IP cameras straight to cloud!


How Reolink cloud storage works

Use our website to create your cloud plan - choose camera count, resolution, and cloud storage duration.

Step 1

We'll send you a Cloud Adapter. It takes just minutes to install via our website, or mobile app.

Step 2

View your camera's live streams and recorded footage 24/7 using the Videoloft web viewer, or mobile app.

Step 3

Upgrade your Reolink system into an intelligent one


8MP resolution

Multiple viewing options

Multiple viewing

Centralized viewing

Centralized viewing

Remote installation

Multi user permissions


live camera health monitoring

Live camera health monitoring

Scheduling recording & alerts



Two-way audio

Remote control

PTZ controls


cctv analytics


Multi camera
event playback

Reolink NVR cloud backup for everyone


Add cloud to your existing Reolink security system and transform it into a cloud video management system.

  • 30 days free, cancel anytime
  • Proof of Concept available
  • Secure, offsite storage
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Security professionals

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Your disaster recovery solution

Reduce risk of lost footage

Add cloud back-up to your NVR & reduce the risk of lost footage.

24/7 access to your recordings

Access your recordings whenever, and from wherever.
Centralised footage

All your cameras, in one place

View all your cameras, from all locations, in one central platform.
flexible cloud plans

Reduce maintenance costs

Remove your local recorder, saving space onsite and cutting costs.

Reolink NVR cloud backup FAQs

Yes, Videoloft is compatible with Reolink NVRs

Backing up your Reolink NVR is easy and can be done in a few minutes, and the process is exactly the same – regardless of how many channels it has. View our installation guide for more information.

For end-users, Reolink cloud storage plans start from just $7.89/£7.49 per month. We also offer discounted rates for our professional security partners.

It’s entirely up to you! Some customers use the cloud alongside their NVR so they have local and offsite access. Other customers prefer to get rid of the local recorder and record directly from their Reolink IP cameras to the cloud.

There are some important differences between Reolinks own cloud offering and Videoloft’s cloud platform.

Reolink cloud doesn’t support 24/7 continuous recording, which means you’ll only be able to record when motion is detected. As well as this Reolink cloud only offer storage durations of 7, 30 or 60 days. With Videoloft’s cloud platform you can choose the recording mode that suits you best, and we have a wide variety of storage durations to choose from – you can choose to store your footage from 2 days, right up to 5 years.

Choose your Reolink cloud plan & get a 30-day free trial!