Videoloft case studies

Browse our case studies to learn how businesses and security professionals around the world use Videoloft cloud.

2 Technical

Find out how 2 Technical uses Videoloft to securely back up their customer’s footage to the cloud.


Find out how Aella uses Videoloft to store their security footage in the cloud for 365 days, in order to meet financial regulatory requirements.


Find out how Alertwatch proactively grew their customer base using a door-to-door sales team to lease Videoloft-powered security systems.

Diamond & Jewellery Retailer

Find out how a leading jewellery retailer improved the quality and reliability of their security system by adding Videoloft cloud.

Elektia Oy

Find out how Elektia Oy used Videoloft to back up their customer’s footage to the cloud for two months.

Ernesford Grange Community Academy

Find out how Ernesford Community Academy used Videoloft to help safeguard students and staff.

FTH Hire Group

Find out how FTH Hire uses Videoloft to securely back up their footage to the cloud, removing the need for onsite recorders.

Guns of Distinction

Find out how Guns of Distinction used Videoloft to meet new legislative requirements for Firearms dealers in California.


Find out how Hoodlinks, with the help of Videoloft, developed a bespoke security solution to protect a remote mine.

iFire UK Limited

iFire UK were looking for a cloud backup solution for their clients – Recycled Packaging Limited, after their insurance company requested that all their CCTV footage be backed up to the cloud.

Large US Bakery Chain

Find out how a large US bakery chain uses Videoloft to view cameras from multiple branches in one centralised platform, allowing HQ to stay easily connected to what’s happening in each store.

Leading SaaS firm

A leading tech company faced the challenge of centrally managing camera feeds and recordings from their multiple office locations worldwide. Find out how using Videoloft helped.

Mercer Alarm Systems

Learn how Mercer Alarm Systems successfully installed temporary video surveillance using Videoloft cloud.

National Networks

Find out how National Networks provided their customers with a superior security solution to the onsite recorder using Videoloft.


Learn how Newvision uses Videoloft to offer reliable security solutions to customers with no wired internet.

NWH Group

Learn how NWH Group uses Videoloft to ensure compliance and enhance security.

Ormiston Academy

Find out how a school in the United Kingdom improved the accessibility of their security footage by using Videoloft

Pineywoods Community Academy

Following the introduction of Videoloft, Pineywoods school quickly noticed positive changes. Beyond the obvious safety and safeguarding benefits, Videoloft provided an efficient solution for staff members to access footage from their various buildings, and offsite,  all in one central platform

Recycling firm

Prior to using Videoloft, this company’s surveillance setup involved multiple on-site NVRs installed by different providers, which resulted in fragmented feeds and complex data management. The client sought a comprehensive cloud backup solution that would fulfil their insurance company’s requirements, while offering simplicity, accessibility and cost-effectiveness.


Redan Coupon

Find out how fuel retail company, Redan Coupon, used Videoloft to backup their CCTV footage to the cloud.

Remote Ally

Learn how Remote Ally successfully overcame Covid-19 security challenges with the help of Videoloft cloud.

Residential end user

Find out how a residential end user successfully set up Videoloft cloud with their home CCTV system.


Find out how a rurally-based security consultant uses Starlink and Videoloft to obtain a robust cloud CCTV solution.


Read on to find out how Toyota Tanzania used Videoloft as a cloud backup disaster recovery solution.

Tyneside Security

Learn how Tyneside Security ensured the safety of community housing properties using Videoloft cloud.

USA Storage Centers

Read on to find out how USA Storage Centers used Videoloft to centralize footage from multiple legacy security systems.

Utilita Energy

Read on to find out how Utilita Energy used Videoloft to modernize their security system.

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