Care Protect

How Care Protect use Videoloft to enhance real-time monitoring and incident management

The requirement

Care Protect specializes in using CCTV technology to assist health and social care providers in delivering high-quality care. They operate across various settings, including mental health hospitals, care homes, specialist schools, and learning disability services. With over a thousand Hikvision cameras spread across more than 35 sites, Care Protect faced challenges in managing and accessing surveillance data for remote real-time incident viewing, reporting, and retrieval of historical recordings. 

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The solution

To address these challenges, Care Protect decided to migrate to the Videoloft’s cloud-based video surveillance platform. This bought together Care Protect’s cameras from all of their sites and allowed multiple users from different departments to access footage remotely and in real-time. Cameras were organised by site and tagged by location, making it easier to retrieve relevant footage for incident reporting and analysis. 

The result

By implementing Videoloft, Care Protect effectively enhanced their surveillance capabilities. They were able to monitor over a thousand cameras with improved scalability and centralized access. Videoloft allowed Care Protect to improve their incident management processes and ensure high standards of care across all of their locations.