Shell + Vivo Energy

Adopting Cloud Storage for Centralized Access to Multiple Sites

The requirement

Vivo Energy, a pan-African retailer and distributor of Shell fuel operating across multiple petrol stations and depots, needed a reliable and centralized solution for their surveillance systems. With a plan to deploy 616 cameras across 88 sites (7 cameras at each location), they required a solution that provided longer storage options than traditional local recorders and allowed centralized access to all their sites.

Vivo Energy+Shell case study

The solution

To meet their storage and access needs, they decided to adopt Videoloft’s cloud storage solution. Videoloft offered the necessary centralized access and extended storage capabilities, making it an ideal fit for Vivo Energy’s extensive surveillance requirements.


During a one-month proof of concept (POC), Vivo Energy tested Videoloft’s cloud-based video surveillance platform. The POC was successful, leading to the decision to roll out the solution across all their sites.


Initially, Vivo Energy began their roll-out with Hikvision cameras. However, for compliance reasons, they had to switch to a non-Chinese brand, choosing Futecho cameras.

The result

By implementing Videoloft’s cloud storage solution, Vivo Energy achieved significant operational improvements. The centralized access to footage from all Shell petrol stations and depots streamlined their monitoring process. Additionally, the longer storage options provided by Videoloft ensured that all surveillance data was retained as needed, enhancing their compliance and operational efficiency. The transition to cloud storage has allowed Vivo Energy to effectively manage and monitor their extensive network of Shell sites, ensuring a higher level of security and control over their surveillance systems.