Firestone Tires

How Firestone Tires used Videoloft to bring all cameras onto one platform

The requirement

Firestone Tyres, a tire sales and repair company based in Georgia, faced challenges bringing together their surveillance systems from multiple stores. With 95 cameras from different brands (Hikvision, Geovision, and Axis) spread over five sites, their existing solution posed limitations in centralized viewing and management.

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The solution

Firestone Tyres started the migration of their security system to the Videoloft cloud-based solution at one location. After successful initial testing, the rollout continued smoothly to the other stores.

The result

Firestone Tyres addressed their surveillance challenges by adopting the Videoloft cloud solution, integrating 95 cameras across five sites.

The Videoloft solution provides centralized access and scalability. The central viewing makes monitoring and managing footage across different stores much easier. This transition has significantly enhanced the operational efficiency and security measures for Firestone Tyres, receiving positive feedback from the staff for its ease of use and reliability.