Case study: Guns of Distinction

Transitioning to Cloud Storage for Compliance in a California Gun Store

The requirement

In response to evolving legislative mandates, Guns of Distinction – a firearms dealer in California faced a new legal requirement to retain surveillance footage for a minimum of one year.

Previously, the gun store used a Dahua NVR to record and store video locally, however, compliance with the new law necessitated continuous recording and extended storage, posing a significant financial burden.

Guns of Distinction sought an affordable, efficient solution to meet these regulatory demands without compromising operational integrity.

Guns of Distinction case study

The solution

During the search for compliant storage options, Guns of Distinction discovered Videoloft, a cloud-based video surveillance platform.

Following extensive research, the dealer found Videoloft’s pricing structure more favorable than competitors. They ordered a Cloud Adapter and proceeded with the installation. The transition from local storage to cloud-based surveillance offered a seamless, scalable solution tailored to the specific needs of the gun store.

The result

Following the implementation of Videoloft’s cloud storage solution, Guns of Distinction experienced immediate benefits.

The transition not only ensured compliance with California’s regulations, but also brought other features including remote access, motion detection alerts and more.

Overall the successful integration of Videoloft yielded operational enhancements for Guns of Distinction, highlighting the transformative impact of cloud technology in navigating regulatory challenges.

Customer testimonial

“We were getting quotes of well over $10,000 just for the hardware and a small fortune for cloud storage. I found Videoloft on an internet search, called them and spoke to a well informed staff member at Videoloft, who answered my questions and walked me through the transaction. A week later I received the Adapter and my own tech plugged in it and we were up and running. I could not be happier with Videoloft. They solved my problem and saved me a fortune!!”
Storm Jenkins