Case study: Diamond & Jewellery Retailer

How a leading jewellery retailer improved the quality and reliability of their security system by adding Videoloft cloud

The requirement

Given the high value of their product range, security is of utmost importance to this leading jewellery retailer. The company has over 40 stores worldwide, and are specialist diamond retailers.

Their existing security system was old, and consisted of outdated Hikvision DVRs. The company was disappointed with not only the video quality, but also the reliability of the local storage. They took the decision to replace all their Hikvision analog cameras with Uniview IP cameras so they could record straight to the cloud and remove the need for local storage altogether.

Diamond retailer

The solution


After receiving a demonstration of the Videoloft cloud platform, and confirming that Videoloft is compatible with Uniview cameras, the company went ahead with an initial proof of concept where they tested the solution ‘on-site’.

This was a success and they began to roll out Videoloft to multiple stores, with 80 of their cameras currently backed up to the Videoloft cloud and all accessible from one central platform.

The result

Whilst DVRs can store footage, they do have their limitations. A DVR system can only work with analog or coax cameras – which generally have lower resolution capabilities and less features than IP cameras.

By upgrading their cameras to Uniview IP cameras and recording their footage straight to the cloud, the jewellery retailer were not only able to improve the quality of the footage, but also have peace of mind that their footage is safe and secure in the cloud, with no risk of recorder damage or malfunction.

Replace Hikvision NVR