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How NWH Group used cloud storage to ensure compliance and enhance security

The challenge

NWH Group, a leading UK recycling company with 8 sites, needed a secure and compliant solution for offsite storage of CCTV footage captured by their 95 on-site cameras.
This requirement arose due to new regulations.

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The solution

NWH Group

NWH sought a cloud-based video surveillance platform that would not necessitate replacing their existing Dahua camera infrastructure. Videoloft emerged as the ideal solution, offering seamless compatibility with Dahua equipment. Following a successful proof-of-concept at a single site, NWH deployed Videoloft across all 8 locations.

The result

  • Compliance Achieved: Videoloft’s cloud storage ensured NWH met their insurance regulations by securely storing 30 days of CCTV footage offsite.
  • Operational Efficiency Enhanced: The solution empowered NWH with centralized viewing, remote access, and multi-user permissions, streamlining security management.
  • Improved Monitoring: Users gained the ability to remotely monitor recycling production lines, verify start times, and respond to security events – both during business hours and after-hours.
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Key Takeaway

NWH Group’s case study demonstrates how cloud storage solutions like Videoloft can effectively address compliance needs while enhancing operational efficiency and security within the waste management industry.