Case study: Ormiston Academy

How a school in the UK improved the accessibility of their security footage by adding Videoloft cloud

The requirement

Ormiston Academy’s existing security system was old, and consisted of outdated cameras and recorders from a variety of different brands. With 121 cameras located across multiple buildings, it had become difficult to manage their security footage efficiently. 

As well as the time-consuming nature of managing separate systems, staff at the academy were also frustrated with the lack of features their outdated systems had to offer and wanted to find a solution.

Ormiston Academy

The solution

Ormiston Academy didn’t want to rip out and replace all their existing hardware as this would have been costly, and time-consuming. Instead, they were looking for a cloud solution that provided everything they needed in terms of functionality and features that they could ‘add-on’ to their existing systems.

Videoloft is a cloud CCTV platform that is fully compatible with hundreds of leading camera and recorder brands. Using Videoloft meant that Ormiston Academy could bring all their legacy systems together into one central platform, and add powerful VMS features such as multiple user permissions, motion detection alerts and more, at a fraction of the cost to upgrade their existing hardware.

The result

After rolling out Videoloft, staff at Ormiston Academy were thrilled with the features and functionality of the system, as well as the time-saving benefits of being able to view all cameras in one platform.

The school can now view all of their cameras from a single, central platform which can be accessed from any device – making it easier for staff to monitor the entire campus and respond to incidents in a timely manner. As well as this, Ormiston Academy also have specific cameras on a local video wall in the caretakers office – meaning they can constantly monitor what’s going on in key locations.