Case study: Recycling firm

Streamlining surveillance operations and simplifying data management with Videoloft

The requirement

The client, a recycling firm, operates a large-scale facility in the UK, with 64 Hikvision cameras monitoring their premises. Prior to using Videoloft, their surveillance setup involved multiple on-site NVRs installed by different providers, which resulted in fragmented feeds and complex data management.

The client sought a comprehensive cloud backup solution that would fulfil their insurance company’s requirements, while offering simplicity, accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

The solution

Hikvision cameras and logo

Videoloft offered a solution that met the clients requirements while also simplifying their surveillance operations. Videoloft was added to their 64 Hikvision cameras, providing continuous off-site backup of video footage for 30 days. This ensured they were compliant with their insurance company’s requirements and also safeguarded critical evidence.

The result

With Videoloft, the client was able to centralize all their camera feeds and recordings in the cloud – eliminating the complexities associated with managing multiple NVRs.

The centralized access streamlined data management and made it easier to locate and access relevant footage when needed. The user-friendly interface and scalability of the solution received high praise from the client, who has plans to use Videoloft in future expansions.

Replace Hikvision NVR

Customer testimonial

“We were looking for a solution for simple cloud storage and easy access to live video and recordings, we had multiple NVR’s on site for over 64 cameras. The multiple NVR’s were installed by different providers and each set up in its own unique way with different capabilities, this made it very difficult for us to link all of the feeds easily and cheaply into one package with the requirement of additional equipment and subscriptions.

I researched different options some at great expense for additional equipment and subscriptions for what is 12 month old system and some that were deemed a security risk.  Through research I came across Videoloft, viewed the youtube videos and website and contacted the team for a demo. All of the features that were visible on the youtube videos were in the demo, it was good to see the software in action, so we decided to go with Videoloft and purchased an 80 rack adapter which was delivered the next day!!

With this software our main requirements were met!

Favourite features

– Both the mobile and web portal are easy to use and have almost equal functionality which is great.

– Ease of use

– Playback feature.

– Search Function with filters.

– Easy set up and linking of camera’s no external help needed once plugged into the network it sees the camera’s

– Naming of Camera’s pushes through to Camera and updates on NVR through Videoloft.

– If we had them PTZ control is a great function to have on a third party app and we will be having some PTZ cameras.

– Additional users with really good permission settings to restrict access to certain camera’s and what a user can do on.

Overall we are very pleased with the software and with a new building coming into scope soon I will be basing our camera system around Videoloft, keep up the good work with this software.”