Case study: Leading SaaS firm

Videoloft enables enterprise-scale, centralised management of D-Link cameras for leading tech company

The requirement

A leading tech company faced the challenge of centrally managing camera feeds and recordings from their multiple office locations worldwide.

To address this, they turned to Videoloft’s cloud-based video management platform, which provided a highly effective solution for their specific requirement.

Busy office

The solution

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After a successful proof of concept, the company adopted Videoloft’s platform to securely manage their D-Link security cameras.

They were able to leverage Videoloft’s scalability and centralised management capabilities, which enabled them to easily access and monitor their camera feeds from a single, secure location.

The result

Currently, the company has 16 cameras recording direct to the cloud using Videoloft, and they plan to roll out the solution globally across their other office locations. Videoloft’s compatibility with their D Link cameras made the process seamless and means they’ve been able to come away from using local onsite storage. Videoloft’s ability to provide a secure and scalable solution proved to be the perfect fit for the company’s requirements.

The company also notes that their favourite feature of Videoloft is the event playback function. This feature allows them to choose a time period and stream recordings of multiple cameras simultaneously, making it much more efficient and less time-consuming to conduct investigations. 

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