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How Toyota Tanzania used cloud storage to improve their CCTV security

The requirement

Toyota Tanzania has multiple sites which hold high value items and with that comes challenges regarding the security of the premises. Having already installed Uniview cameras with local storage, Toyota Tanzania needed a cloud back-up disaster recovery solution which would store their footage remotely, in case their local recorders were damaged or stolen.

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The solution

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After researching the features and benefits, Abdulaziz Raudha of Toyota Tanzania, chose the Videoloft cloud platform for their 64 Uniview cameras. Using Videoloft meant that they had the secure back-up solution they were looking for, which would mitigate the risk of damage, theft or destruction of their on-site recorders. Moreover, given the number of sites being monitored it was important that they could access all their surveillance footage from one centralised location and the Videoloft solution provided this.

The result

Toyota Tanzania was able to seamlessly upgrade their Uniview video surveillance system by adding the Videoloft cloud solution. By doing so, they’ve been able to securely back up their local recorder footage and have peace of mind that if their local recorder is damaged or stolen, they’ll still be able to access the required footage.


“Everything is centralized so it’s really easy to access whenever we want. Moreover, the footage is securely stored in the cloud with unlimited access to it”, says Abdulaziz Raudha of Toyota Tanzania.